ICELAND - To The North

After listening to my well-traveled friends and their experience with Iceland, I expected pretty much everything from Iceland. Beautiful nature and views like from a fairytale, but also rough countryside with all of the seasons in one day. Warm beaming sun in the morning, rain pouring even from the ground in the afternoon and snowy storm in the evening.. well, if you can call it an evening. Travelling through Iceland in June means the all-day-long daylight. And that was the only true expected thing, I've learned..

How did I like Iceland? Was it that incredible, like everyone says? Or..why not?

Let's explore the journey we took together! We did a circuit road trip around the whole island and saw everything the weather allowed us to see.

Where we went, what we did:

Day 1

  • Took a ride from Keflavik airport through Akranes around Akrafjall to our accomodation in the north. 
  • On the way we stopped by at the Kolugljúfur waterfall and Pingeyrar chuch. Around 11 p.m., during our 'night' hike, we saw an artic fox behind our house.

Day 2

  • Took a ride around the Siglufjörður, a small fishing town on the northern coast, where we had a quick stop, and then through the second largest city in Iceland - Akureyri
  • We visited Glaumbær  - Skagafjörður Folk Museum and had a cake and a cup of coffee in a lovely cafe in a traditional house nearby.
  • Then we went to see the Goðafoss, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland.

Day 3

  • Day of whales and puffins! Early in the morning we went to Husavik and took a boat to observe the whales and puffins. I saw the tail and white belly of a whale and bunch of puffins. Our boat-guide told us not to eat any whale or puffin, because of the quickly decreasing number of whales living in the ocean around Iceland, and I agreed. Nice guy, I thought.
  • Later that day we hiked Krafla vulcano and saw a nice Viti Crater along the way. But the highlight of the day came only in the evening -- bathing in Mývatn Nature Baths -- eutrophic lake situated in an area of active volcano activity. That was the best time on Iceland for me. Steaming natural water, fresh air, bathing till late at night. What could be better?

Day 4

  • Day of lava! Went to the Leirhnjukur Lava Fields and Hverir steam fields. There was a collection of steam fumaroles, some bubbling mud pots and lots of interesting colours.
  • Took a ride to the east - our next accomodation at Gíslastaðir awaits.


Our Trip to the North was just awesome. Mostly thanks to the weather, I guess. Everything seemed to be more beautiful when the sun was shining. In these four days we've been having the best time in Iceland. We have explored the Northern parts of Iceland, which look like a desert country, where only living creatures around were sheep and horses. Any my perosnal driver. My only disapppointment during these days was simple - food. Iceland is not a country for gourmets. Groceries offer only limited foodstuff and most often we ate a slice of bread with some butter, or chips (non-veggie friends had hotdogs) on a gas station.

Interested what happened on our Iceland Trip to the South? Read the next part soon!