It's almost April and I've been wearing winter coats, boots and gloves since November. All my friends say this is normal in Denmark (and by all my friends I mean all my expats friends. Danes are revealing more and more of their skin after having their ankles exposed for the whole winter), but I still tirelessly believe that spring is just around the corner. I'm looking for a perfect pair of white sneakers, a light spring jacket and a white backpack, that will reflect the sunlight while I'll be biking in sunlit streets (in case some sunlight will drag through the heavy clouds up here).

And do you know what's the most awesome thing? I saw a squirrel from the kitchen window last weekend. A beautiful red squirrel skittering on a bare bough of a tree. And if the animals start being active after the winter that means, my dear friends, the spring is in the air! Any tips for a perfect pair of white sneakers?

coat: Ganni // scarf: Wood Wood // sweater: H&N Trend // bag: Matt and Nat // trousers: & Other Stories // beanie: & Other Stories