My Prague fashion week look was inspired by well-known #allblackeverything, and it was pretty damn hard to build up such a wonderful and trendy look, because you know, combining black with black, taking into consideration all the materials I'm using - that's a real art only bloggers are capable of.

Naaah bullshit!

I went from CPH do Prague and then to Slovakia, so I just grabbed some easily-combinable black stuff and that's it. Easy like a piece of cake. You cannot do wrong by wearing black. Black is the most effective weapon in the morning hurry, in fighting against the baggage allowance limit, in aspiring to be a trendy-minimal fashion blogger. Also in Denmark, black is THE most popular color. When Danes want to go color-crazy, they use gray (the most extravagant ones also white and beige).

How about you and black? It's an icon or a safety ring


dress: COS // sneakers: Nike // backpack: Matt & Nat