10 things I've learned in Denmark


1. Invest into a proper coat. Don't hasitate to buy the most perfect coat you've found. You'll be wearing it for four fckng months.

2. Enjoy simple things. Like sunlight. Such a simple thing can bring you a lot of joy, especially here, in cloudy rainy CPH

3. Cook. As long as everything is so damn expensive here, including restaurants, cooking for yourself is the cheapest way how to be sated. And also the healthiest one.

4. Not wearing the umbrella. Does it always rain here? Yes, but rain is being taken as a normal part of a everyday life here. Umbrella is for sissies - or foreigners! A Dane goes out only in a raincoat, cap and the bravest ones face the rain without any protection.

5. Don't waste money on cheap cosmetics and clothes. I've learn to, or maybe I have been forced to this? When you only have Loreal, Max Factor, Rimmel and Gosh rack in a store, and everything is 50% more expensive that anywhere else, you'll think twice about wasting money on "cheap" drugstore cosmetics.

6. Lighting candles. Up until now only used as a useless decoration, but from now on the source of light, warmth and mainly, hygge. Hygge, a Danish word for cosiness, means being at home, wrappend in a warm blanket and sipping coffee next to a crackling fireplace or candles, while watching the drizzling greyness outside from the window .. yes, that's very Danish.

7. Improve my English skills. I'm not saying I stopped facepalming in my mind after every single sentence I utter, but thanks to these highly English-language-skilled peeps here I'm improving mine all the time.

8. Drink coffee. Blame the free Nespresso coffee machine at work, and yes, also the sleepy weather. Have I already mentioned that the weather is autumny here most of the time?

9. Adore Danish design all around. Free-entry galleries, or modern buildings where you see that the architect really thought how to integrate them into the surroundings (e.g. resting areas build from natural materials at the beach). Even street lamps here are such a piece of design!

10. Danish...NOT! I haven't learned it yet and I don't think I ever will. I don't know those 5 ways how to pronounce "E" and anyway, it's a horrible language.

shirt: & Other Stories // cardigan: H&M // coat: COS // hat and scarf: Mads Nørgaard // bag: Matt and Nat

place: Statens Museum for Kunst