From the diary of a cyclist

April is almost over and after the coldest time in Copenhagen I'm saddling my bike again and my old memories, which I've almost forgotten during the public transport period, are coming back to my mind with a speed of a light:

1. I hate broken glass on the road.

2. I hate cyclists who smoke while biking in front of me.

3. I hate I cannot easily overtake those freaking smokers.

4. I like the view of a bus stuck in a traffic jam (muhehehe, cyclist vs. bus score - 1:0)

5. I hate the hill we live on, especially on my way home.

6. I hate red light on traffic lights - every 20 meters more and more.

7. I hate holes and outfalls on the road.

8. I hate pedestrians jumping into the road without realizing there's is also a very dangerous bike lane (I need to buy myself a proper bell!)

9. I hate cars turning right without giving priority to bikes.

10. And most of all, I hate the rain. Or, god forbid, the hail.

As you see, the first gleam of sunlight doesn't always come with a sunny mood. It will follow soon, I hope, when the weather is improving so much, right!

(No, it's not. But I hope it comes true if I keep on repeating this devout wish.. at least until June).

dress: Mads Nørgaard // skirt: Monki // coat: COS // shoes: Vagabond