5 tips: How to be a successful blogger

There are plenty of blogs in the world, and whether you believe or not, every second 134 brand new ones are created! And for those beginning bloggers I've got 5 tips how to be popular, which I've learned through my more than 2y blogging 'career'. Some of them I apply by myself, some I do not, but I'm sure, these 5 definitely works:

1. Forget about blogs, you should make videos. You surely noticed an outflow of bloggers to youtube claiming 'I want to be closer to my fans, blogs are soo impersonal!' Sure. Whatever the true reason is, video is the future (as you could also see on the Engage conference last season, all the top teenage idols in US are the youtubers/snapchatters, according to Pavlina Louzenska*) and also, it generates some real money instead of a barter lipstick from an unknown eshop.

2. Bring something new. Do you also have trouble telling one blog from another as they are all full of Stan Smiths, macaronis and but-first-coffee-people? If your heart beats for minimalism, coffee is your blood type and you can imagine wearing something else than a biker jacket, try to figure out, what else besides of fashion innovativeness you can bring to your potential readers. Can you write well? Perfect! Are you funny? Even better!

3. Be seen. According to Brian Carter, the author of The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook**, people tend to like faces which they see more. Leave a lot of comments, post articles frequently, make friends among popular bloggers - this all works on getting attention from potential readers.

4. Reveal a bit of your real life. Be personal, share your own thoughts and communicate with readers. Don't try to substitute the role of magazines and write objective news or delve into relationship topics - honestly, they are usually better at this.

5. Don't be overmotivated. Don't let popularity be your main goal, don't seek for collaborations badly. The most popular bloggers nowadays harvest fruit from their longtime work - and they've started blogging in the right time. Don't compare yourself with them. Create a blog with lot of content from your heart, with joy and passion for blogging/writting/photography itself. Let the readers' appreciation be the bonus for you, not the main reason.


fur: Won Hundred // turtleneck: Lindex // jeans: Mango // shoes: Vagabond // bag: Bimba y Lola // brooch: LaLa Berlin