Distortion - Love or Hate?

Last week, there was a popular

Distortion festival

in the streets of Copenhagen. It's actually just the first part that is happening in the streets, and exactly this part is free and that's why it looks like how it does.

Okay, maybe I'm just too grumpy and old for this stuff, but I've visited a lot of festivals so I know, how it works on festivals.

Many people, drunk people, drunk urinating people - just classic.

You can count on that at a festival.

What I haven't prepared for at Distortion, was a bunch of drunk urinating people in a 1km wide radius from the epicenter of Distortion. And the crowd so thick, that you can barely survive and crawl through the street. Body on body, beer on body, beer in hair, bikes carried above heads through the crowd (you can't imagine how many people are taking the bikes with them to the innermost center of that sticky crowd), garbage under the feet.

All my illusions about Danish cleanness, suaveness and style gone in a sec with a sight of them dropping litter directly on the ground. Even though poor gatherers of beer cans are trying to snatch them immediately, there is still a pile of stinky garbage on the ground after people leave.

But let's not just sneer at everything about Distortion like an old lady threatening kids playing on the lawn with a crutch. There were some things that I certainly enjoyed.

Particularly, I liked an awesome concert of classical music in Enghave parken, I liked to see people no matter their race, orientation or religion, how they celebrate music and summer together (read: they drink and litter together) and totally awesome was the drum n' bass concert in a Kristenkirken church. It was quite unusual to see a DJ at the altar, with a giant painting of Christ behind his back, playing DNB, but .. who knows, maybe it was some religious song he composed in a spiritual after-prayer contemplation. Or - maybe not. One way or another, the acoustics of the church made it sound so appealing, that every Catholic Christian forgave him for sure every little musical sin.

What about you? Do you attend music fests from time to time? Even the street ones? Tell me your impressions in the comments below!

PS no.1: 100% LOVE without discussions is my new Bimba y Lola bag from my last trip to Barcelona.

PS no.2: And 100% HATE are these pair of sandals. Not everything grandma-style looking is also comfortable.


Shirt: H&M // jeans: Mango // shoes: Högl // bag: Bimba y Lola