sjuloves music #2

Say hi to my new playlist!

It shows what I've been up to in June. Working, taking and editing pics, drawing, writing, housekeeping and listening to, let's say, rhythmic music in the background. Less of singing, more instrumental - electro - swing. Are you also often interrupted by lyrics in songs while working and tend to sing together with the interpret? Are you also missing the good old with all those tags and recommendations? How easy it was back then to answer the question of 'What kind of music do you listen to?'.

Btw, those Spotify recommendations suck, I must say. The only thing worth it, in my opinion, is Discover Weekly (has some weaker weeks form time to time, though, maybe they need more tags :D)


As you might notice, one song in the playlist is slightly different than the others. I couldn't help myself not to put Nils Frahm in there. No electro, no beats, just piano. But Nils is da real MVP, I'll tell you. I've been to his concert twice and he just nailed it. (Moreover, I LOVE the sound of Rhodes)

I'm already curious if you'll liste to my new playlist and what will you say - either about my 'working' electro or about Nils. And don't forget to leave me a comment down below and let me know what kind of music you prefer while you're working!

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