A lamp shade struggle

As I've already told you guys in one of my previous articles - I'm very much into strange headwear.

And I just couldn't leave this big hat, reminding me a lamp shade an iconic Dior silhouette, in H&M.

Although it's hard to admit, in this case, the look overweights functionality. I cannot complain about its sun protection abilities allowing you to read peacefully and undisturbed on a beach in the strongest Copenhagen sun at noon, but try to take it to that beach. Get yourself knocked down by a car because your field of view reaches only the handlebars or crumple it to your vacation suitcase? Highly impractical thing.

But as someone changes flats to high heels pulling them out from a handbag in front of the theatre, I carry my giant hat in my bike basket and put it on safely at the and of my road - there's no other way.

Well, style at the expense of practical value is not just a case of switching to your fancy shoes and jumpsuit in the toilet.

What's your current fashion crush that's balancing between style and convenience (and perhaps falling slightly more into the style)?

hat, shirt: H&M // skirt: & Other Stories // shoes: Toms // bag: Bimba y Lola