5 reasons why you don't wanna be a photographer

I'm sure every amateur and wanna-be-a-pro photographer has experienced this. Because being a photographer is not just fun, hanging out on parties, fashion weeks, it's actually more LIKE THIS:

1. You're expected to work for free. Cause everybody thinks you should be glad for having something for your portfolio, you're too young to be treated as a pro, to be paid and most of all, there's plenty of others who will take the job for free instead of you.

2. Big competition. Since DSLR's are more affordable, world is given a new self-taught photographer every single 5 minutes. You need to be really, like REALLY good to be visible, or network a lot.


3. You cannot eat or drink at an event, if you're supposed to shoot there. I mean, you can, but you don't have any time and free hands to hold a glass! Because once you soften your attention to take a sip of champagne, I can guarantee there will be an unrepeatable moment you've failed to take the picture of.

4. The work only begins after the event you were supposed to shoot. And since you're soo excited to see the pics and edit them, you won't go to sleep and will just work work work until eternal tiredness make you to go to sleep at 5 am.

5. You're always craving for new equipment. Because there's alwyays something better and newer available. Nevermind you already have 3 DSLRs, 6 lenses, one compact, 3 analog cameras at home, and you're still shooting mostly on your iphone (emh, logic?)

jumper: Laformela AW16 // skirt: H&M // sandals: Vagabond // bag: Back // backpack: Matt & Nat