5 things I wish I could wear

I call it being rational and practical. But it's actually more about laziness, unwillingness to sacrifice in the name of fashion and finding more and more reasons why not. I don't know what I'm waiting for, but I'm certainly overestimating my future me if I think it will happen one day just like that. No, it certainly won't. But it would be great if I would be able to wear all the stuff I admire on others suddenly, but it hasn't grown on me yet.


High heels.

They look amazing on every woman, give grace to the rest of the outfit and have just one dark spot of beauty -- you can't walk in them. And by walk I mean running late to work, balancing on cobblestones, galloping to catch the bus and other normal-life activities, not just stepping out from a car on a red carpet. At least I cannot. But I believe a real lady does that!

High heels in winter.

Or any kind of shoes with bare legs in winter. Yes, I admit, it looks amazing with a winter coat and brave Scandi women wear that a lot but..I just don't get it how they pull that off.

Biker jacket.

OMG I've wanted a biker jacket for soo long now. All women wear it ant it looks gorgeous on every single one of them. BUT. I see one logical error there. Let me explain it to you. As we all know, a biker jacket looks the best when it's undone. That means in cold weather you'll be cold. On the other hand, it has long, relatively warm, leather sleeves, which means in hot weather, you'll be hot. Do you see it? It's suitable only for transition weather seasons, which is roughly .. one month a year (Have you actually realized how this year we haven't had any autumn at all? One day we had sunny warm weather, but the next one was cold as hell) and if I wanna have a proper bad-ass biker jacket (which I certainly do), it will cost soo much money I'm not willing to spend on.


- tiny colorful beauties which have been made to upgrade your outfit to a next level. Not mine, obviously, because I'm unable to carry less then a hundred useful things in my backpack with me.


Audacious or refined and sophisticated, it's always hot. But in my case is more like 'I'm cold', 'A turtleneck is more compfy', 'Too superficial', 'I don't need to grab attention like that' blah blah blah bullshit. After a few attempts in the past I've realized I'm too lazy to wear it and..I don't care. Red lipstick as a subtitusion of neckline or heels works as well. (Not in winter, though. Winter + riding a bike = frequent sniffling --> the risk of smudging the lisptick. You know, me being 'rational and practical')

Anyway, what are the unreachable stylish dreams of yours? What do you admire on other girls, but you somehow cannot imagine it wearing yourself?


dress: H&M // top: & Other Stories // boots: Vagabond // backpack: Odivi