Love & Hate

Biking in Copenhagen

- a thing, what I love and hate at the same time. I can already see you, having a naive and romantic dreamy look on your face, shaking your head in disagreement, how can anyone possibly ever hate biking in a lovely flat city such as Copenhagen, on an oldschool bike with a wicker basket in front of the handlebars and a wind in your hair.

And that's exactly it!

Wind in my hair, rain in the face, hundreds of other cyclists on a way to work that is long as the week before the payday.

What's more, biking took one thing I loved from me. I'm a skirt-junkie, who was wearing long, short, all kinds of skirts almost all year long in Prague. Not so much here. I mean, it's still possible to wear a skirt on bike (in particular weather conditions) and a lot of Danesess do that, but .. on the road, you certainly have many more important things to care about than your wardrobe malfunction, e.g. having a long wavy skirt caught in your spokes, dangerous puddles or having an obstruction fly up into your face. Convenience on a bike for a safety on the road, I mean. Trousers and sneakers in million variates. Just as fluffy coulottes and star socks in massive Instapumps! You always need to somehow cope with the circumstances and bring the fashion ideas into life, don't you?

coulottes and dress: H&M // hoodie: Weekday // bag: BACK // socks: & Other Stories // sneakers: Reebok