Brace yourself, sales are coming


I need to tell you something. In spite of all the efforts (bullshitting) to achieve sustainability, not-shopping, and most of all, MINIMALISM (the 2016's most misunderstood term among Czechoslovak bloggers), I've been looking forward to the xmas sales so bad it hurts. My fav Danish brands for half of their price, finally. I've been avoiding these shops for weeks, just to avoid the risk of a painful 'buy know' or 'wait for sales' decision.


So I should be happy now, right?

Last year, I'd been craving for a coat for half a year, and it was sold out during the Christmas Eve (I should have known that sales begin on Christmas and there are plenty of people glued to the internet instead of having hygge with their families, just as I had??) so I didn't have high expectations for this year. But then.. I checked sales in the morning of the 26th of Dec this year and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Everything I'd wanted was 50% off now, and in my size!

Not! Just kiddin'.

The majority of pieces I wanted has been either sold out before Christmas or they weren't on sale. Items which went on sale, were sold out almost immediately, literally disappearing from the cart.

So yeah, I hate sales.

top: Weekday // trousers and jacket: H&M // boots: Vagabond