Paris | First Impressions | Where to go for brunch


Before I bring you a mega-piece with my experience and photos of streetstyle from Paris Fashion Week AW2017 (already looking forward to the Prague one), I prepared some quick tips and my first impressions from Paris. I went there with my boyfriend for a semi-working, semi-vacation trip and here is what I found out.


  • picturesque streets of Montmartre
  • walking along the Seine river
  • grandiose streets, squares and architecture in the centre, reminding me a bit of either Prague or Budapest
  • restaurants with outdoor seating and great brunch menus you can enjoy throughout the whole day
  • people enjoying themselves and chit-chatting with their friends in those restaurants, even in early-spring rainy weather
  • free tap water with your order
  • meeting Lucie in one of the must-visit places in Paris--Cafe de Flore
  • great pastry
  • night visit of sparkling Eiffel tower
  • Sacre Coeur and the nice views of Paris


  • Three days of neverending rain and running around in wet sneakers
  • The streets outside the centre were a bit dirty
  • Families of homeless people camping on Champs-Élysées
  • Parisians, who are not as chic as I originally thought
  • Parisians, who don't speak English, just as I heard
  • Car culture with a lot of noise and exhaust gasses in the city


Holybelly - allegedly the best brunch in Paris. And it was really good. But the place is really crowded and you can easily spend half an hour in a queue outside.

Blackburn coffee - even a tad better than Holybelly in my view. And they have free wifi. You have to go for Oeuf cocotte if you visit!

Café de Flore - the ultimate venue for every instagrammer. Unfortunately, we didn't get the round table outside. Nevertheless, both omelette and coffee were delicious, so we survived being in a slightly less photogenic part of the restaurant

Benedict - maybe you've guessed it by the name, yes, Benedict eggs, prepared in different ways for the whole day (but it's also a proper restaurant with daily lunch menu)

Any bakery along the way, we went to Huré - supersoft croissants and maybe the best non-sweet pastry ever

I think there are other European cities which I enjoyed more than Paris. Barcelona, for example. Maybe we were just unlucky with the rainy weather we had in Paris and Barcelona is a paradise for all foodies. It's true, though, that Paris has much more to offer. I'm already looking forward to our next visit, as we've only managed to visit a couple of places. I'm sure Paris will get another chance to prove it's a great city to us. What about you? How do you like Paris? Which European cities do you like most?

coat,trousers, earrings: & Other Stories // sweater: H&M // boots: Zara // bag: BACK // hat: Acne

5 hidden gems: Where to take pics in winter Copenhagen


While in summer you don't need more then a street soaked up in the sun to create an awesome pic, the winter is different. Greyness all over, cold and rain test your creativity in taking pics outside - either as a photographer or a blogger. Photogs and bloggers in one surely know the feeling. #toughlife

Today, I prepared a list of places where you can take awesome pics even in winter time in CPH (which is from August til July here...). There are some cool interiors where you can hide from the cold outside, or great exteriors to play with compositions and make your pics look great even though the sun is not cooperating. And all of it for free - what else you could wish for.

1. Glypoteket.

An art gallery in the very heart of CPH offers a free entrance on Tuesdays. The Winter Garden full of plants is a place where today's pics have been taken, but there's a lot more to see there, especially if you are into sculptures.

2. More greens and warmth - this is what you can find at the Greenhouse of the Botanical Garden in CPH.

Take a peek at my latest post from this wonderful place, or at pics from Rebeka from last summer.

3. Superkilen

- Half a mile long urban space wedging through one of the most ethnically diverse and socially challenged neighborhoods in Denmark. Here, you can find functional installations from all over the world, spend whole afternoon with your family or friends, or do a cool photoshoot. For example at the Red Square or on the ..emmm... Striped Hill

4. Normann Copenhagen

Epic showroom of the designer furniture in Copenhagen which has taken over every Danish visual geek's instagram. I can assure you, it's super-photogenic in there and if you like minimalistic Scandi design, you'll certainly get a kick out of it. Check my pics here

5. Amager Strand Beach.

Okay, you probably won't warm up there or beat the greyness by colorful backgrounds. Actually, quite the opposite. You'll make an advantage of the overall grayness with the grey sky, grey sea and beach stations made of concrete to create the Danish-most melancholic pics ever. Rough and authentic Danish beauty. You can check out my attempts to capture this awesomeness here or here.

hoodie and trousers: H&M // boots: & Other Stories

All in all, there are quite many places to shoot even during the winter here in CPH. Places which are just outstanding and telling a story by themselves, so you don't have to overdo it with the styling. (Which also happen sometimes :D Bloggers and stylists in one surely know the feeling.)

Anyway, do let me know in the comments how you liked the article and in case you're interested in hearing more from the 'backstage' of my work seen here on blog, tips, tricks etc.

H&M x Kenzo : Why is it uncool?


Does anyone still remember the latest H&M x Kenzo collection? It has been hyped enormously since October and everyone cool have been posting pics wearing pieces from the collection. Danish, Czech and also Slovak influencers - everybody was at it - H&M x Kenzo is just awesome!

Since I know these special H&M collabs are always a huge thing in Prague and people go literally crazy about them, I was curious how it looks like here in Denmark. I've heard myths about that..like...people in a queue get paper bands in different colors, depending on the time they arrived and determining the time they're allowed to enter the shop, where they have 10 minutes to look through the collection and are allowed to buy one single thing. If they want more, they're welcome to queue up again for another shot. Only to make sure everyone has an equal chance to buy a piece from collection. You know, the Danish model. As you might have guessed, I just could't miss this social experiment, purely because of the scientific reasons, of course.

On the day D, I've arrived 45 mins before the opening of the store. Very wisely, I've chosen the store in a shopping mall--I won't be freezing outside just to pursue my scientific curiosity! (that's another story, I'll tell you next time).

A couple of kids have already been camping in front of the shop, but besides that, all quiet on the H&M front. I was looking at shop assistants through the shop window while they were making selfies with the new collection, thinking about going for a coffee. People started gathering quickly, coming one after another and joining the queue. Just before the opening of the store, there were around 40 people, including a significant amount of elderly ladies. A bit unusual feeling, as if I was waiting for dicounted goods at Lidl, but very pleasant on the other hand--nice to see, how many older people are into fashion here. (That is if I can call the H&M x Kenzo collection fashion.)

And then, finally the store opened. The queue moved peacefully in. I've been walking around the racks for about half an hour, shopped for some basics, and went home. No shopping-bullying or fights between customers, as you might have already guessed (was a bit dissapinted by that, I've read a lot about it on the UK blogs before).

But I've realized one thing.

To post a pic on the day of a collection launch is not cool at all. I mean, on that day, everyone can have it. By posting it, you're just saying you were not cool enough to post it before the collection launch. While wearing a polyester tiger-patterned coat with blue faux fur and golden plastic buttons before the great launch is kinda status symbol, posting one after that is just a demonstration of a trumpery style and giving in to H&M marketing. And nobody is proud of that.

But ehm.. what about you? Have you bought anything?


PS: I need to add, that quality of these H&M x Kenzo tees is amazing. Much better than what I'm used to at H&M (and much better then e.g. Ganni tees). High quality cotton, the white one is not translucent at all, and the label says Conscious. I'm happy!

t-shirt: H&M // coat: & Other Stories // jeans: Weekday // boots: Vagabond // bag: Bimba y Lola



There are people, who, naturally, dress up appropriately for a special occasion such as Prague Fashion Week, and there are people who, little ashamed, go for a shabby look, because a fashion week means more work than fun for them. Nevertheless, they ain't blind to fashion hacks all around, but keep their eyes wide open, searching for inspiration. For example me spotting Eva Marie having her brows coloured in turquoise green.

Only with one difference - instead of a fashion week, I'm wearing my brows coloured (in purple, not that it has any effect on my stubbornly dark brows) when visiting Aarhus Art Museum.

What about you? How do you apply tiny fragments of extravagance into your daily life?

jacket: Won Hundred // dress: Monki // hat: & Other Stories // sneakers: Nike



Here we have another home-made mixtape compiled out of a number of Discover Weeklies of mine. It's more fun than diggin' through my old archives, which is the way how I created the last Indie Rock playlist. Eventhough the result sounds like an odd mixture of lounge, electronic, reggae, indie folk and p-funk.

Anyhow, what are currently you're fav songs?

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5 things I wish I could wear

I call it being rational and practical. But it's actually more about laziness, unwillingness to sacrifice in the name of fashion and finding more and more reasons why not. I don't know what I'm waiting for, but I'm certainly overestimating my future me if I think it will happen one day just like that. No, it certainly won't. But it would be great if I would be able to wear all the stuff I admire on others suddenly, but it hasn't grown on me yet.


High heels.

They look amazing on every woman, give grace to the rest of the outfit and have just one dark spot of beauty -- you can't walk in them. And by walk I mean running late to work, balancing on cobblestones, galloping to catch the bus and other normal-life activities, not just stepping out from a car on a red carpet. At least I cannot. But I believe a real lady does that!

High heels in winter.

Or any kind of shoes with bare legs in winter. Yes, I admit, it looks amazing with a winter coat and brave Scandi women wear that a lot but..I just don't get it how they pull that off.

Biker jacket.

OMG I've wanted a biker jacket for soo long now. All women wear it ant it looks gorgeous on every single one of them. BUT. I see one logical error there. Let me explain it to you. As we all know, a biker jacket looks the best when it's undone. That means in cold weather you'll be cold. On the other hand, it has long, relatively warm, leather sleeves, which means in hot weather, you'll be hot. Do you see it? It's suitable only for transition weather seasons, which is roughly .. one month a year (Have you actually realized how this year we haven't had any autumn at all? One day we had sunny warm weather, but the next one was cold as hell) and if I wanna have a proper bad-ass biker jacket (which I certainly do), it will cost soo much money I'm not willing to spend on.


- tiny colorful beauties which have been made to upgrade your outfit to a next level. Not mine, obviously, because I'm unable to carry less then a hundred useful things in my backpack with me.


Audacious or refined and sophisticated, it's always hot. But in my case is more like 'I'm cold', 'A turtleneck is more compfy', 'Too superficial', 'I don't need to grab attention like that' blah blah blah bullshit. After a few attempts in the past I've realized I'm too lazy to wear it and..I don't care. Red lipstick as a subtitusion of neckline or heels works as well. (Not in winter, though. Winter + riding a bike = frequent sniffling --> the risk of smudging the lisptick. You know, me being 'rational and practical')

Anyway, what are the unreachable stylish dreams of yours? What do you admire on other girls, but you somehow cannot imagine it wearing yourself?


dress: H&M // top: & Other Stories // boots: Vagabond // backpack: Odivi

Love & Hate

Biking in Copenhagen

- a thing, what I love and hate at the same time. I can already see you, having a naive and romantic dreamy look on your face, shaking your head in disagreement, how can anyone possibly ever hate biking in a lovely flat city such as Copenhagen, on an oldschool bike with a wicker basket in front of the handlebars and a wind in your hair.

And that's exactly it!

Wind in my hair, rain in the face, hundreds of other cyclists on a way to work that is long as the week before the payday.

What's more, biking took one thing I loved from me. I'm a skirt-junkie, who was wearing long, short, all kinds of skirts almost all year long in Prague. Not so much here. I mean, it's still possible to wear a skirt on bike (in particular weather conditions) and a lot of Danesess do that, but .. on the road, you certainly have many more important things to care about than your wardrobe malfunction, e.g. having a long wavy skirt caught in your spokes, dangerous puddles or having an obstruction fly up into your face. Convenience on a bike for a safety on the road, I mean. Trousers and sneakers in million variates. Just as fluffy coulottes and star socks in massive Instapumps! You always need to somehow cope with the circumstances and bring the fashion ideas into life, don't you?

coulottes and dress: H&M // hoodie: Weekday // bag: BACK // socks: & Other Stories // sneakers: Reebok