Sju the fancy gardenkeeper


One month ago we went to the Glyptoteket to shoot some pics with Rebeka Vodrazkova, where, as we've heard, there is an amazingly photogenic interior. The fact that Glyptoteket was closed that day changed our plans a bit, but we felt very photoshoot-determined, so we went to the opposite side of the city - to the Botanical garden.

Innocent photoshoot surrounded by plants took a new direction when we found some gardening tools left down unattended - and a new story was born!

Sju the fancy gardenkeeper!

If there's anything I enjoy more then taking pics, editing or making up articles, it's making up photostories! The ones which pop up spontaneously are the best and matching surroundings with some props suddenly makes a great story! Though luck, but it usually doesn't work other way round. When you're trying to make up something great, Muse has a long way to come.

Do you have the same problem? And how do you like the pics?

skirt and bomber: H&M Trend // top: Mads Nørgaard // sneakers: Asics // sunnies: H&M x Anna Dello Russo