10 tips: How to rock your Danish look

If I should define the Danes in one short sentence I would say that the Danes are very stylish people and it can sometimes feel like being to a bloggers meet up here in the streets of CPH. Especially ours - czechoslovak bloggers :D Because the most stylish czechoslovak bloggers dress like normal people here. Everything in black, minimalism, naked ankles, white sneakers or worn-off cardigan inherited from grandma - I don't even have to check blogs, you can see it all in the streets!

Stylish winter på dansk

1.  Make your closet colorless. Many Danes have told me they like colors on someone else, but don't wear them themselves. Build your closet with neutrals and you won't misstep. (The more I like danish bloggers like Nemesis babe, who is very fond of colors and patterns!)

2. Unsexy coats. Maybe it's because of the winter, wind blowing people down from their bikes or by high self-confidence of local people, but be dressed in oversize, shapeless, wrapper coat is very Danish.

3. Big scarves, no hats/caps. Hats aren't popular among the Danes. They're wrapped in a big fluffy scarf, with hair done in high bun and frozen ears pointing out from scarf.

4. Sneakers and naked ankles all year long! Czechoslovak bloggers are always bullied for wearing such style in colder seasons, but let's have look at Danes. All wearing sneakers in snowy wintertime, even kids and elderly people! I'm also too frozen to wear it like that, but this how it goes in Denmark!

5. Thick mitten gloves. Only one reason - biking.

6. Bum Bags. I've never seen such frequency of bum bags anywhere else. Very popular among women on bike, wearing them like a crossbody bag, because it's very handy and stylish at the same time!

7. No make-up look. Danes are not just a very stylish nation, but also a very beautiful one. They're tall, thin, with Nordic face features, brigh eyes and long, thick bright hair. I'm jealous! :D

8. Piercings, septums, sidecuts - everything is here way more popular and normal, than in the countries I've lived before. And I like it! (More on the Danes, than on myself)

9. Doesn't matter if it's a wrapped coat, pair of loose trousers, boyfriend jeans or a worn-off sweater. Danish style is all about easiness. Danes are careless, but not sloppy or untidy. It's an easiness from which you feel a fashion-awareness.

10. If there's anything that Danish women don't regret to spend their money on, it's a quality bag. They can be dressed very informal and careless, be sure, there will be at least a good quality, if not high-end, bag swaying on their forearm.

How do you like my today's Danish look? There are no naked ankles, I know, shame on me! How do you like the Scandinavian style in general?

coat: Ganni // scarf: Wood Wood // jumper dress: House of Sunny // bum bag: Asos // boots: Vagabond


Hey guys, I've been receiving many questions from you asking what I'm doing in Denmark since I moved from Prague. Most of them have been asked multiple times, so I decided to write an article and answer the most frequent ones :) I hope you'll enjoy it and feel free to ask more. This Q/A is new for me, but I'm starting to enjoy it and I'll definitelly write more articles like this in a future.

What are you doing in Copenhagen?

I'm working, attending a language school, exploring the new city, trying to get used to it.

How did you get there?

My boyfriend has been offered an interesting job opportunity, so we decided to take it.

How long will you be there? Forever?

Don't think so :) However, I don't know yet, we will see.

coat: GANNI // scarf: Wood Wood // beanie: Asos // gloves: Crop Town // bag: Matt & Nat // boots: Vagabond

How is the life in CPH?

It's hard to explain in a few words. Compared to Prague, CPH is calmer, more easy-going, everybody is biking. People enjoy every beam of summer light, sitting in parks or sunbanthig on the beach. The city is well prepared for spending time outside, there are free deck chairs by the channels, free grills in parks, where you're allowed to bring your own food and make a braai. On the other hand, your feeling about every city depends on how many beloved people you have there, close to you. Even though you move alone to a Paradise, it most likely won't be what you want. Going to school, working, networking helps, but you still need to be very active and make some effort. Exploring new places, shops, finding new doctors, fighting with bureaucracy, that's a whole different story. So yes, it's fine and exciting, but not easy.

I like scandinavian countries, how can I get to Denmark?

The easiest way is to start studying here. For EU citizens it's free here and if you're also working approx. 40h/week you'll be given around 700 eur by the DK government. I don't know the exact conditions, but you'll easily find them on the web for sure. However, the life is rather expensive here. Even though you can study for free, everything else is ~3 times more expensive than in Czech/Slovak rep.