Living out of a suitcase


How do I recognize, I'm totally slammed by self-inflicted work?

- I have my first coffee of the day at 7.30 pm.

- I forget to tell my friends a super cool story which happened already a week ago.

- After three months of not being at home, I can't stop working while sipping an after-dinner wine with my parents.

- Whole week passes without me listening to even a single song in my Discover Weekly.

With these feelings I came back to Copenhagen yesterday, after my tour de Prague - Bratislava - southern Slovakia - northern Slovakia - Krakow - Berlin, to enjoy the crispy Scandinavian sun for two weeks, and then hurray to Spain!

And what about you? What are you looking forward to in April?


top and dress: H&M Studio SS17 // bomber: H&M Trend // bag: BACK // sneakers: Nike

pics by:

Kamila Shíbalová

Shopping hacks in Copenhagen #1


Every time I enter a designer-like store here in CPH it is usually unusually crowded and I leave in a short moment, overwhelmed and with a depression. Don't wanna go into further details, but while wages are higher here in general, so are the expenses. So you think about each unnecessary purchase of a fashionable piece of clothes here twice.

I mean, even tough Danes don't hasitate to spend money on high fashion, I've noticed a very interesting habit here.

Actually, it's rather nice habit.

One day a season, more than a few popular Danish brands organise a stock sale, where you can buy things even more than 70% off. But be aware - coming here at opening time means to find a 100m long queue of chilled Danes sipping coffee (usually shop provides it for free - supercool approach indeed!) in front of the door, discussing what they would like to buy. Because on this special day, you should come at least 2h earlier to have a chance of getting your fav piece.

Good that I didn't have any special garment I was craving for. So these two Acne pieces I've found there made me so happy.

100% pure wool and warm tones of orange - exactly what I need this winter!

knit: Acne Studios // coat: Baum und Pferdgarten // jeans: Levi's // boots: Zara // bag: BACK // hat: COS



Going through the last issue of Czech Instyle magazine, one of my old dreams has evaporated - to become its fashion editor one day.

Okey, I haven't really considered that I don't know grammar and can't write readably in general.. Let's just say it wasn't a very realistic dream.

What's more important, its fashion section has spoken from my heart. I was perceiving this aesthetic consonance so intensely that Instyle was the only magazine I have ever subscribed to.

But this is the end now, people stopped reading and Instyle ends. As a geek who never puts his eyes off my cellphone and hands off a keyboard, but still I always buy a magazine on my travels to Czech Rep./Slovakia, so I'm wondering why that is.

1. People prefer fast, pre-chewed information

and don't like to read long articles.

2. Everything they're looking for is on the web, and for free.

3. Speaking about reviews on beauty products, a lot of readers believe that beauty bloggers are more independent in comparison with beauty editors. This is supported by the fact that you never read a criticism on a reviewed product in magazines.

4. On the other hand, you read a lot of ads. Barely camouflaged sometimes. I've read an article about tips for the upcoming Spring earlier this year. After first tip - to buy a vase of flowers, the other ones listed were e.g. 'buy a cat' - with a reference to a particular kennel, 'buy a new mattress' - with a reference to a a particular eshop. Just ridiculous.

5.  People, who still like to read articles instead of browsing hot news on the internet tend to prefer book-thick magazines made from matte paper they can put into their bookshelves, e.g. Kinfolk, Dansk or Cereal.

I intentionally didn't use the term 'quality magazine', because every magazine represents a certain quality to their readers, even those I don't like, but these are few facts in magazines I'm not particularly fond of.

6. Language found in the magazines is more or less similar to language of blogs. Articles deal with the topic only shallowly, lacking depth of knowledge, and usually they don't impress stylistically either. While I should be contemplating the actual topic of the piece, I often find myself wondering about how long that pamphlet took to write. The should-have-been-funny ones, on the other hand, many times make me feel fremdschämen (ha, I've used it!). (I need to add by this point, that by getting older I'm getting extremely demanding too, read rancorous)

When reading a blog post, I don't expect nothing else but a little distraction, while in a magazine, I'd like to read an interesting text, even if dealing with some ..ehm..banal topics, such as fashion and style.

7. Source: Pinterest. Or even no source. I can barely find words how this attitude makes me angry. Especially when I personally know more than a half of depicted bloggers/authors, even though I browse through inspiration and blogs only from time to time. Every student who has ever written a thesis knows that sources have to be listed, why should magazines be any exception?

8. Pointless gifts. Am I the only one who picks the magazine which doesn't contain any key ring, diary, crappy book, etc..?

9. Lack of originality. Speaking about the repetitive topics like "Lose 30lbs fast", etc..

10. Ads all around. Understand why they're there, with no doubts. I just don't trust any of 'illustration' pictures anymore.

And I could mention many more reasons why I think people (or I, personally) dislike mags, but still on my travels to Prague or Slovakia I buy at least one of them. Looking at it in a different light than in my teenage years, often comparing my blog with them, they amuse me, but also disturb.

But unless I stop enjoying the rustle of paper pages or the travel will fly faster without them, I won't stop buying.

jacket: Mango // top: Ganni // jeans: H&M // sneakers: Vagabond // bag: BACK

5 reasons why you don't wanna be a photographer

I'm sure every amateur and wanna-be-a-pro photographer has experienced this. Because being a photographer is not just fun, hanging out on parties, fashion weeks, it's actually more LIKE THIS:

1. You're expected to work for free. Cause everybody thinks you should be glad for having something for your portfolio, you're too young to be treated as a pro, to be paid and most of all, there's plenty of others who will take the job for free instead of you.

2. Big competition. Since DSLR's are more affordable, world is given a new self-taught photographer every single 5 minutes. You need to be really, like REALLY good to be visible, or network a lot.


3. You cannot eat or drink at an event, if you're supposed to shoot there. I mean, you can, but you don't have any time and free hands to hold a glass! Because once you soften your attention to take a sip of champagne, I can guarantee there will be an unrepeatable moment you've failed to take the picture of.

4. The work only begins after the event you were supposed to shoot. And since you're soo excited to see the pics and edit them, you won't go to sleep and will just work work work until eternal tiredness make you to go to sleep at 5 am.

5. You're always craving for new equipment. Because there's alwyays something better and newer available. Nevermind you already have 3 DSLRs, 6 lenses, one compact, 3 analog cameras at home, and you're still shooting mostly on your iphone (emh, logic?)

jumper: Laformela AW16 // skirt: H&M // sandals: Vagabond // bag: Back // backpack: Matt & Nat


SJULOVES music #3 - Indie Rock

Sju hasn't been listening to the music during July, because she was on her vacation for more than two weeks. She has also missed her Discover Weekly from Spotify, too. So she has dug deeper into her music storage and dedicated the new playlist to

Indie Rock music, a genre of music she has connected with during those times long gone, when she was just a small music-exploring cub.

I'm not quite sure whether so many super albums have been launched during my first two years at collage or it's somehow related to having one of best periods in my life and now I have those albums somehow connected with happy feelings. One way or another, I haven't discovered that many great albums or songs ever since, and I still keep on returning to these ones.

Do you also return to some music you've discovered a long time ago?

top and shorts: H&M // shoes: & Other Stories // bag: Back // hat: Monki // sunnies: Mango