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H&M x Kenzo : Why is it uncool?


Does anyone still remember the latest H&M x Kenzo collection? It has been hyped enormously since October and everyone cool have been posting pics wearing pieces from the collection. Danish, Czech and also Slovak influencers - everybody was at it - H&M x Kenzo is just awesome!

Since I know these special H&M collabs are always a huge thing in Prague and people go literally crazy about them, I was curious how it looks like here in Denmark. I've heard myths about in a queue get paper bands in different colors, depending on the time they arrived and determining the time they're allowed to enter the shop, where they have 10 minutes to look through the collection and are allowed to buy one single thing. If they want more, they're welcome to queue up again for another shot. Only to make sure everyone has an equal chance to buy a piece from collection. You know, the Danish model. As you might have guessed, I just could't miss this social experiment, purely because of the scientific reasons, of course.

On the day D, I've arrived 45 mins before the opening of the store. Very wisely, I've chosen the store in a shopping mall--I won't be freezing outside just to pursue my scientific curiosity! (that's another story, I'll tell you next time).

A couple of kids have already been camping in front of the shop, but besides that, all quiet on the H&M front. I was looking at shop assistants through the shop window while they were making selfies with the new collection, thinking about going for a coffee. People started gathering quickly, coming one after another and joining the queue. Just before the opening of the store, there were around 40 people, including a significant amount of elderly ladies. A bit unusual feeling, as if I was waiting for dicounted goods at Lidl, but very pleasant on the other hand--nice to see, how many older people are into fashion here. (That is if I can call the H&M x Kenzo collection fashion.)

And then, finally the store opened. The queue moved peacefully in. I've been walking around the racks for about half an hour, shopped for some basics, and went home. No shopping-bullying or fights between customers, as you might have already guessed (was a bit dissapinted by that, I've read a lot about it on the UK blogs before).

But I've realized one thing.

To post a pic on the day of a collection launch is not cool at all. I mean, on that day, everyone can have it. By posting it, you're just saying you were not cool enough to post it before the collection launch. While wearing a polyester tiger-patterned coat with blue faux fur and golden plastic buttons before the great launch is kinda status symbol, posting one after that is just a demonstration of a trumpery style and giving in to H&M marketing. And nobody is proud of that.

But ehm.. what about you? Have you bought anything?


PS: I need to add, that quality of these H&M x Kenzo tees is amazing. Much better than what I'm used to at H&M (and much better then e.g. Ganni tees). High quality cotton, the white one is not translucent at all, and the label says Conscious. I'm happy!

t-shirt: H&M // coat: & Other Stories // jeans: Weekday // boots: Vagabond // bag: Bimba y Lola

The Road Less Traveled

Let's make a small recap. It's been 2 years since I started blogging, I have 450 regular readers at GFC, a bit more than 500 followers on facebook and this is also a number of views of a new article when I post it. I'm struggling solidly around 1900 followers on Instagram, and my presence on other social networks is negligible, because nobody ain't got time for that.


Frankly, when I look at my blogger colleagues who started blogging around the same time as I did,

one can call my blog a failure.

And even though I've decided to take the less travelled road on my blog, reflect more of my aesthetic feelings than popular topics or even other blogs, no matter the effect this might have. Still, from time to time, the question WHY comes up to my mind.

Why are people unsubscribing and visits stagnant since I've changed the layout, name and slightly also the topics?

What I wanna do with that?

I could propably, at the expence of quality, post an article every second day or shoot vlogs. I could invest a decent amount of money to a proper designer bags and spend time on stylizing instagramers-approved pics (marble table, maccaronies, tulips, whatever). I could reveal more of my privacy, take pics in bra, or at least let world know, that today is my #nobraday.


I don't give a f*ck.

I'm happy with my blog. It makes me even more happy when a follower or other blogger colleague spares a nice word on it, and this is certainly happening more and more often. I will probably never be an idol for little girls, won't be featured in a teenage magazine or won't be promoting poison-green bubble tea (as Czechoslovak young bloggers and youtubers do). But not everyone can be a Justin Bieber in a bloggers' world, someone has to be in another spectrum of blogosphere ...and be.. let's say Grimes! I certainly love her music waaay more than Bieber's (don't know any songs from him, to be honest) although he's certainly more popular. And I hope, someone could also see my blog in this way :D

Fellow bloggers, let me know how you cope with blogging failure and what it means for you. If you don't have a blog, please let me know down in the comments section, who your fav bloggers or youtubers are, and if you follow someone, who's not that much popular, but still you like her/his style :) Thanks!


dress: H&M // bag: Bimba y Lola // sandals: Zara

A lamp shade struggle

As I've already told you guys in one of my previous articles - I'm very much into strange headwear.

And I just couldn't leave this big hat, reminding me a lamp shade an iconic Dior silhouette, in H&M.

Although it's hard to admit, in this case, the look overweights functionality. I cannot complain about its sun protection abilities allowing you to read peacefully and undisturbed on a beach in the strongest Copenhagen sun at noon, but try to take it to that beach. Get yourself knocked down by a car because your field of view reaches only the handlebars or crumple it to your vacation suitcase? Highly impractical thing.

But as someone changes flats to high heels pulling them out from a handbag in front of the theatre, I carry my giant hat in my bike basket and put it on safely at the and of my road - there's no other way.

Well, style at the expense of practical value is not just a case of switching to your fancy shoes and jumpsuit in the toilet.

What's your current fashion crush that's balancing between style and convenience (and perhaps falling slightly more into the style)?

hat, shirt: H&M // skirt: & Other Stories // shoes: Toms // bag: Bimba y Lola

Distortion - Love or Hate?

Last week, there was a popular

Distortion festival

in the streets of Copenhagen. It's actually just the first part that is happening in the streets, and exactly this part is free and that's why it looks like how it does.

Okay, maybe I'm just too grumpy and old for this stuff, but I've visited a lot of festivals so I know, how it works on festivals.

Many people, drunk people, drunk urinating people - just classic.

You can count on that at a festival.

What I haven't prepared for at Distortion, was a bunch of drunk urinating people in a 1km wide radius from the epicenter of Distortion. And the crowd so thick, that you can barely survive and crawl through the street. Body on body, beer on body, beer in hair, bikes carried above heads through the crowd (you can't imagine how many people are taking the bikes with them to the innermost center of that sticky crowd), garbage under the feet.

All my illusions about Danish cleanness, suaveness and style gone in a sec with a sight of them dropping litter directly on the ground. Even though poor gatherers of beer cans are trying to snatch them immediately, there is still a pile of stinky garbage on the ground after people leave.

But let's not just sneer at everything about Distortion like an old lady threatening kids playing on the lawn with a crutch. There were some things that I certainly enjoyed.

Particularly, I liked an awesome concert of classical music in Enghave parken, I liked to see people no matter their race, orientation or religion, how they celebrate music and summer together (read: they drink and litter together) and totally awesome was the drum n' bass concert in a Kristenkirken church. It was quite unusual to see a DJ at the altar, with a giant painting of Christ behind his back, playing DNB, but .. who knows, maybe it was some religious song he composed in a spiritual after-prayer contemplation. Or - maybe not. One way or another, the acoustics of the church made it sound so appealing, that every Catholic Christian forgave him for sure every little musical sin.

What about you? Do you attend music fests from time to time? Even the street ones? Tell me your impressions in the comments below!

PS no.1: 100% LOVE without discussions is my new Bimba y Lola bag from my last trip to Barcelona.

PS no.2: And 100% HATE are these pair of sandals. Not everything grandma-style looking is also comfortable.


Shirt: H&M // jeans: Mango // shoes: Högl // bag: Bimba y Lola

5 tips: How to be a successful blogger

There are plenty of blogs in the world, and whether you believe or not, every second 134 brand new ones are created! And for those beginning bloggers I've got 5 tips how to be popular, which I've learned through my more than 2y blogging 'career'. Some of them I apply by myself, some I do not, but I'm sure, these 5 definitely works:

1. Forget about blogs, you should make videos. You surely noticed an outflow of bloggers to youtube claiming 'I want to be closer to my fans, blogs are soo impersonal!' Sure. Whatever the true reason is, video is the future (as you could also see on the Engage conference last season, all the top teenage idols in US are the youtubers/snapchatters, according to Pavlina Louzenska*) and also, it generates some real money instead of a barter lipstick from an unknown eshop.

2. Bring something new. Do you also have trouble telling one blog from another as they are all full of Stan Smiths, macaronis and but-first-coffee-people? If your heart beats for minimalism, coffee is your blood type and you can imagine wearing something else than a biker jacket, try to figure out, what else besides of fashion innovativeness you can bring to your potential readers. Can you write well? Perfect! Are you funny? Even better!

3. Be seen. According to Brian Carter, the author of The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook**, people tend to like faces which they see more. Leave a lot of comments, post articles frequently, make friends among popular bloggers - this all works on getting attention from potential readers.

4. Reveal a bit of your real life. Be personal, share your own thoughts and communicate with readers. Don't try to substitute the role of magazines and write objective news or delve into relationship topics - honestly, they are usually better at this.

5. Don't be overmotivated. Don't let popularity be your main goal, don't seek for collaborations badly. The most popular bloggers nowadays harvest fruit from their longtime work - and they've started blogging in the right time. Don't compare yourself with them. Create a blog with lot of content from your heart, with joy and passion for blogging/writting/photography itself. Let the readers' appreciation be the bonus for you, not the main reason.


fur: Won Hundred // turtleneck: Lindex // jeans: Mango // shoes: Vagabond // bag: Bimba y Lola // brooch: LaLa Berlin


10 TIPS for your INSTAGRAM

Dnes sa dá za peniaze kúpiť pomaly všetko, ale človek musí byť fakt asi šiši, ak si kupuje followerov na instagrame. Veď na úspešný instáč vám stačí tak málo. Prezradím vám dnes pár zaručených tipov a keď sa vám začnú sypať followeri, mám to u vás!

1. Bohémsky bezstarostný kaviarenský cool život je základ. Vždy si odfoťte aspoň päť fotiek vašej obživy v kaviarni, aby ste to mohli viackrát postovať. 
2. Pretože bez kávy nežijete, foťte si kávu (alebo aspoň kelímok, najlepšie Starbucks).. len tak počas dňa.
3. Zainvestujte do správnych blogerských hodiniek. To znamená Daniel Wellington, Komono, Micheal Kors. A potom ich stále foťte.
4. Za kombináciu Starbucks kelímka a blogerských hodiniek sú extra followeri navyše.
5. Foťte si raňajky. Ale pozor, nikoho nezaujíma váš chlieb s maslom. Naaranžujte ovsenú kašu, kvetiny, váš obľúbený lak na nechty, diár (a ᗡW hodinky). Ďalšie cool jedlo je napríklad avokádo, akékoľvej ovocie, smothies. Toto si opäť nafoťte asi 10x, a priebežne to postujte.
6. Urobte si výlet do fitka, a odfoťte sa akože cvičíte.
7. Ak chcete pôsobiť alternatívne a umelecky, foťte rôzne reliéfy a textúry. Mramor teraz fičí najviac. Zamerajte sa ďalej na bielu, šedú a čiernu. 
8. Vaše nohy na paplóne a ledabolo pohodený lifestylový časopis. Raňajky podľa bodu č.5 a W hodinky znamenaju dvojitý úspech. Hipsterské obliečky trojitý.
9. Vaše nohy v Conversoch, Adidasoch alebo Nike. Prudko fotogenické. Ešte než si ich obujete von, odfoťte sa v nich na paplóne. 
10. Na všetkých osem bodov sa môžete vykašlať, ak vlastníte hriešne drahé predmety alebo ste výrazne krásny. V tom prípade foťte dookola drahé predmety alebo seba. Ľudí priťahuje luxus, ktorý sami nemôžu dovoliť a radi sa dívajú na iných krásnych ľudí.

Tak čo, koľko z toho ste už skúsili? Funguje to, čo? :)

● ● ● ● ●

You can buy almost anything..but you have to be really silly, if you're buying instagram followers. It's easy as pie to have a lot of them. Here I reveal 10 guaranteed tips for your flourishing instagram, and if it will work, you owe me one.

1. An illusion of bourgeois and cool life is a must. Whenever you're in some hipster coffee place, take shots of your coffee/cake at least five times and post it continuously.
2. You're coffee addicted, of course, so take pictures of your coffee (or an empty cup, Starbucks if possible) during the day.
3. Buy perfect bloggers-watch. That means Daniel Wellington, Komono or Michael Kors. Then shoot it as often, as you can.
4. Extra followers for combination of Starbucks cup and DW watch.
5. Take lots of pictures of your breakfast. Nobody cares about your peanut butter, though. Arrange a beautiful picture of oatmeal, flowers, your favorite beauty products, don't forget the DW watch..and shoot it several times. Post it continuously. (You can also use avocado, bowl of fruit or smoothie in your beautiful breakfast picture. Guaranteed to work, 100%.)
6. Make a trip to a gym and take a picture of you in the mirror which looks like you are training.
7. Artistic minds are in. Shoot various structures, patterns, reliefs and textures, marble is particularly popular right now. Focus on white, gray and black colors.
8. Your legs on duvets and a lifestyle magazine arranged in the picture lying around 'accidentally'. Hipster breakfast or DW watch means extra followers and likes.
9. Your legs in trendy sneakers. Nike, New Balance, Adidas. Massively photogenic! Take a picture of them on duvets again.
10. All of these points are pointless, if you have expensive stuff or you're extraordinarily beautiful. People like looking at luxury things they cannot afford or pretty faces.

How many of these have you tried? It surely works, doesn't it? :)

coat: Mango
sweater: Mango
skirt: Promod
bag: Bimba y Lola
boots: Caprice

Ako som čelila úprimnosti

Taký ten pocit, keď doma v zrkadle zbadám, ako som od obeda behala s vňaťou medzi zubami...že díky všetci-ľudia-s ktorými-som-doteraz-komunikovala!

Za jeden z najhlbších prejavov úprimnosti považujem upozornenie na pozostatky jedla medzi zubami. Sama k tomu pristupujem veľmi aktívne. Je mi cťou povedať niekomu "Máš niečo zelené medzi hornou jednotkou a dvojkou vľavo!"

Ale ono je to asi niečo ako urážka..
Akoby som dotyčnému povedala, že nevie slušne jesť...akoby som ho inzultovala.

A pritom je to len dobre mienené upozornenie..taká rada..

Asi ako to, čo mi asertívne zaštebotala slečna v Only:
"V tej kope nemusíte hladať, tie džíny by vám boli malé"
"Ale nieeee..ja som to tak nemyslela, hahaha"

Ja viem.. bola to len dobrá rada, že sa tam nemusím hrabať, trepať sa do tých džínov v kabínke a nakoniec ich s depkou vracať na miesto. A v duchu si klamať, že je majú zlý strih.

Alebo ako to, čo mi povedal môj dvorný fotograf:
"Nie, to nie je svetlom. Máš divný outfit."
"Čo je na ňom divné?!!"
"Je taký..hnedý."

Ja viem.. veľké hnedé svetre sa mužom nepáčia. A vlastne nikomu, kto nevyznáva oversize. A nikomu, kto nemá rád medvede.

Tiež to máte tak? Tiež vás vlastná úprimnosť miestami dobieha?

Za zvuku fanfár dávam na známosť, že mi Vagabondy neprirástli k nohám a nosím aj inú obuv. Iné bagandže.

cardigan: H&M
top: COS
jeans: Mango
bag: Bimba y Lola
boots: Dr. Martens