me vs. new make-up trends


Despite of all the cosmetic arsenal I own, there is a bad habit spreading here on my vanity table.

I do my make-up way less often than I should. Am I getting naturally prettier as I age?

Unfortunaly not. The reason is, that #nomakeup look is getting very trendy nowadays. But mainly, MAINLY, I'm lazy. It takes me almost half an hour to do my make-up (I'm slow and clumsy), so sometimes..around 4 days a week..I just don't give a shit about that and go barefaced. And it's getting that serious, that one day I actually went out to shoot an outfit armoured just by a single darkbrown lipstick (which turned out to be even worse idea than you could imagine).

Making this story short, let's just say I skip the portraits this time.

What is the moral of this story?

If you don't look like a model and don't wanna look like a mole, put at least a mascara on.

Just in case you wanna shoot some pics, because a camera makes your molish look even worse (and it's the camera's fault, there's not doubt, right?)

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Going through the last issue of Czech Instyle magazine, one of my old dreams has evaporated - to become its fashion editor one day.

Okey, I haven't really considered that I don't know grammar and can't write readably in general.. Let's just say it wasn't a very realistic dream.

What's more important, its fashion section has spoken from my heart. I was perceiving this aesthetic consonance so intensely that Instyle was the only magazine I have ever subscribed to.

But this is the end now, people stopped reading and Instyle ends. As a geek who never puts his eyes off my cellphone and hands off a keyboard, but still I always buy a magazine on my travels to Czech Rep./Slovakia, so I'm wondering why that is.

1. People prefer fast, pre-chewed information

and don't like to read long articles.

2. Everything they're looking for is on the web, and for free.

3. Speaking about reviews on beauty products, a lot of readers believe that beauty bloggers are more independent in comparison with beauty editors. This is supported by the fact that you never read a criticism on a reviewed product in magazines.

4. On the other hand, you read a lot of ads. Barely camouflaged sometimes. I've read an article about tips for the upcoming Spring earlier this year. After first tip - to buy a vase of flowers, the other ones listed were e.g. 'buy a cat' - with a reference to a particular kennel, 'buy a new mattress' - with a reference to a a particular eshop. Just ridiculous.

5.  People, who still like to read articles instead of browsing hot news on the internet tend to prefer book-thick magazines made from matte paper they can put into their bookshelves, e.g. Kinfolk, Dansk or Cereal.

I intentionally didn't use the term 'quality magazine', because every magazine represents a certain quality to their readers, even those I don't like, but these are few facts in magazines I'm not particularly fond of.

6. Language found in the magazines is more or less similar to language of blogs. Articles deal with the topic only shallowly, lacking depth of knowledge, and usually they don't impress stylistically either. While I should be contemplating the actual topic of the piece, I often find myself wondering about how long that pamphlet took to write. The should-have-been-funny ones, on the other hand, many times make me feel fremdschämen (ha, I've used it!). (I need to add by this point, that by getting older I'm getting extremely demanding too, read rancorous)

When reading a blog post, I don't expect nothing else but a little distraction, while in a magazine, I'd like to read an interesting text, even if dealing with some ..ehm..banal topics, such as fashion and style.

7. Source: Pinterest. Or even no source. I can barely find words how this attitude makes me angry. Especially when I personally know more than a half of depicted bloggers/authors, even though I browse through inspiration and blogs only from time to time. Every student who has ever written a thesis knows that sources have to be listed, why should magazines be any exception?

8. Pointless gifts. Am I the only one who picks the magazine which doesn't contain any key ring, diary, crappy book, etc..?

9. Lack of originality. Speaking about the repetitive topics like "Lose 30lbs fast", etc..

10. Ads all around. Understand why they're there, with no doubts. I just don't trust any of 'illustration' pictures anymore.

And I could mention many more reasons why I think people (or I, personally) dislike mags, but still on my travels to Prague or Slovakia I buy at least one of them. Looking at it in a different light than in my teenage years, often comparing my blog with them, they amuse me, but also disturb.

But unless I stop enjoying the rustle of paper pages or the travel will fly faster without them, I won't stop buying.

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Upratovačka level 1000


Strange head accesories and hats are my new fashion crush. At least as long as they serve as a Danish-weather-protector. Ears aren't freezingno rain in your face, your head warm and hyggelig.

Sju vs. Danish weather 1:0 yess!

No need to mention the outfit is raised to another level too. Altought it's true it might be the Charwoman level in this case, I'm sure you know what I mean.

trench: H&M // jeans: Mango // shoes: Vagabond // shirtdress: & Other Stories // headband: Moss Copenhagen

Distortion - Love or Hate?

Last week, there was a popular

Distortion festival

in the streets of Copenhagen. It's actually just the first part that is happening in the streets, and exactly this part is free and that's why it looks like how it does.

Okay, maybe I'm just too grumpy and old for this stuff, but I've visited a lot of festivals so I know, how it works on festivals.

Many people, drunk people, drunk urinating people - just classic.

You can count on that at a festival.

What I haven't prepared for at Distortion, was a bunch of drunk urinating people in a 1km wide radius from the epicenter of Distortion. And the crowd so thick, that you can barely survive and crawl through the street. Body on body, beer on body, beer in hair, bikes carried above heads through the crowd (you can't imagine how many people are taking the bikes with them to the innermost center of that sticky crowd), garbage under the feet.

All my illusions about Danish cleanness, suaveness and style gone in a sec with a sight of them dropping litter directly on the ground. Even though poor gatherers of beer cans are trying to snatch them immediately, there is still a pile of stinky garbage on the ground after people leave.

But let's not just sneer at everything about Distortion like an old lady threatening kids playing on the lawn with a crutch. There were some things that I certainly enjoyed.

Particularly, I liked an awesome concert of classical music in Enghave parken, I liked to see people no matter their race, orientation or religion, how they celebrate music and summer together (read: they drink and litter together) and totally awesome was the drum n' bass concert in a Kristenkirken church. It was quite unusual to see a DJ at the altar, with a giant painting of Christ behind his back, playing DNB, but .. who knows, maybe it was some religious song he composed in a spiritual after-prayer contemplation. Or - maybe not. One way or another, the acoustics of the church made it sound so appealing, that every Catholic Christian forgave him for sure every little musical sin.

What about you? Do you attend music fests from time to time? Even the street ones? Tell me your impressions in the comments below!

PS no.1: 100% LOVE without discussions is my new Bimba y Lola bag from my last trip to Barcelona.

PS no.2: And 100% HATE are these pair of sandals. Not everything grandma-style looking is also comfortable.


Shirt: H&M // jeans: Mango // shoes: Högl // bag: Bimba y Lola



Do you also usually skip the places near your home when you go out?

I've never been to any of the pubs or restaurants in the street in Prague I lived on, not even in the theatre 100m away from our apartment (what a shame!). And the situation is not too much different for me while living in CPH. But as long as I bike everywhere, I don't really mind -- because biking to visit an awesome place is like having two awesome things together!

I prepared this short guide for you guys who are planning to visit Copenhagen. I always take my guests here, and as my friends keep coming since I've moved here, these places have really proven themselves in the past year.


It's pretty clear to me that places such as Little Mermaid or Nyhavn belong to any tourist's starter pack, but let's just have a look at something you might not find in a paperback tourist guide.

to the Amager Strand - I've fallen in love with Copenhagen beach and it doesn't matter whether it's summer and I can sunbathe or just walk by the quayside and admire the winter wonderland. I even like the overall grayness of the area in winter months - gray sea, gray sky and the modern functional architecture bringing nature closer to the people and vice versa. Benches, paths for roller skaters and cyclists, piers looking at the sea, outlooks - all these things look gorgeous and make me happy.

to Copenhagen parks - it may sound weird, but the best way how to deeply indulge in the Danish atmosphere is to take a picnic basket, a blanket and go to a park and enjoy the sun. Whenever it's more than 10 degrees outside, Danes put on their short sleeves, grab a sixpack of Carlsberg and occupy every single free piece of a lawn. And you know what? -- Maybe there is really something to it. Me and my bf love to go to some of cph parks after work, take a pizza and beer with us and enjoy the nice weather (while it lasts!).

You can also sit by the canal at the library (The Black Diamond), around Islands BryggeKalvebod Bølge or near the Opera and there are plenty of free deck chairs all over the length of the canal where you can just chill out, or even swim in the canal if you want.

check out some culture - I would really recommend visiting Lousiana gallery located just 40 km away from CPH for sure (you can get a combined train+gallery ticket in the central station). If you don't have much time and wanna save some money, go to SMK - National Gallery of Denmark - with the largest collection of art in DK. Except for current exhibitions, the entrance is free. I'd also recommend Arken - Museum of Modern Art, located in Ishøj Strandpark 20km south of Copenhagen, but maybe I have enjoyed the bike trip to the museum and the artsy shop more than the actual museum itself, I guess :) The entrance is around 110 DKK.

to Malmö - I must say that except the airport, I have not been to Malmö, yet. However at least for half of our guests, Malmö was the highlight of their stay in my place (which is kinda sad), so I think I can recommend Malmö with a clear conscience. You can either take a bus or buy a ticket at the CPH central train station for approx. 100 DKK and the journey takes approx. an hour one way.

to Superkilen and Red Square - photogenic stripes on the ground, red walls, pink paths for pedestrians make this place a superb location for outfit photoshoots (in case some blogger is reading this). This place's got a lot more--it offers many functional designer pieces from world designers, such as a Czech bench, a Marrocan chess tables, Dutch bike stands and a bike pump, grills ready for preparing food - just bring your own coal, meat and a sixpack and chill out with your friends.



Serenity Cupcakes - the best and cutest cupcakes you've ever eaten! And so is the interior reminding me of a doll house. This place is also great for those who don't like sweets that much - thanks to the delicious coffee they serve! But check out the opening hours - they're closed on Mondays, and during the week they're open only from 12.00 til 18.00.

Streetfood on Papirøen (Paper Island) - an old industrial hall full of food stands with huge variety of meals, music, deck chairs outside to enjoy your meal and sun at the same time. Many people, many bikes. Perfect place by the canal with a true Danish atmosphere to relish good weather after work with friends. Be sure to try the pizza slices, egg wraps (if your prefer a gluten-free option) or if you eat meat, definitely go for Pølse Kompagniet hotdogs!

Meatpacking district - the summer weekend market with similar concept to Streetfood, but smaller and closer to the center of a town, in Vesterbro. A former slaughterhouses area is being rebuilt into a popular spot to hang out for young (and hungry) Danes. I'd recommend vaggie pancakes 'Crêpes', they cost around 60 DKK. You can also find a nice selection of permanent restaurants here from organic BioMio, to Mother's pizza, Mikkeller's brewpub Warpigs, burgers, cocktails and some upmarket venues.

Joe and the Juice - if you don't know where to grab a quick sandwich or coffee in the city, Joe is the place you need. They've got a few branches around the city and except for snacks and coffee they also offer great smoothies. The only con I see about Joe is that it's a bit pricy - e.g. my fav avocado sandwich costs 54 DKK.

Torvehallerne - Danes love this concept of food market and hanging out with friends, eating, drinking or just chillin'. Torvehallerne are two big halls full of stands with food, where you can either eat something or buy some international goods and cook them at home. My bf recommends Ma Poule's duck confit sandwich - a big French baguette with soft duck meat, which costs almost the same as my beloved avocado sandwich at Joe's.

Neighbourhood Organic Pizza and Cocktails - super crunchy organic pizza with unusual ingredients. My fav one is Potato Brie (since it's the only veggie one on their menu), but these crunchy cuties are a bit pricy--they go for 145 DKK.

The Coffee Collective - a transparent coffee place / roastery, whose dream is for a coffee farmer in Kenya to obtain the same status and living conditions as a wine grower in France. You can find them in Torvehallerne mentioned above, or in Frederiksberg on Godthåbsvej, in a very nicely furnished branch, with wifi and a nice view of roaster machines.

Grød - my beloved place in Nørrebro, near to Superkilen. I love their seasonal risotto, porridges, lemonade and all those breakfast goodies. The prices are quite average for Denmark and the only problem with this place is that it might be overcrowded, all the places occupied and porridges sold out, so hurry up! They offer brunch until 3pm. but the dinner is served only from 5pm.


All in all, there are plenty of awesome places where to go or eat in Copenhagen, and it doesn't have to be the traditional ones like the Little mermaid, Christiania or Nyhavn. Next time I might prepare a shopping guide to CPH or where to go to see some interesting architecture n CPH if you want.

Just let me know in comments below.

dress and cardigan: H&M // jeans: Mango // shoes: Vagabond // belt: COS

sjuloves music #1

When it comes to blogging, I've always wanted to try one thing -- to have a regular feature. To have that will and inner power to sit in front of the computer and contribute to the world with another Empties, Top 10 or New In post.

You might say, pretty ambitious wish for someone who writes one post per week. But what if it's caused by the topic? I don't care about empties, I simply throw them out, and in the end of the month I barely remember what I bought in the beginning.

I've decided to test it anyway. I've always been a bit of a music nerd, loving interesting music stuff of various genres, which radio stations don't play -- so I decided to create a playlist of my beloved songs each month! 

I'm pretty curious how will that work and if you will like my fav music. Let me know in the comment section down below!

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5 tips: How to be a successful blogger

There are plenty of blogs in the world, and whether you believe or not, every second 134 brand new ones are created! And for those beginning bloggers I've got 5 tips how to be popular, which I've learned through my more than 2y blogging 'career'. Some of them I apply by myself, some I do not, but I'm sure, these 5 definitely works:

1. Forget about blogs, you should make videos. You surely noticed an outflow of bloggers to youtube claiming 'I want to be closer to my fans, blogs are soo impersonal!' Sure. Whatever the true reason is, video is the future (as you could also see on the Engage conference last season, all the top teenage idols in US are the youtubers/snapchatters, according to Pavlina Louzenska*) and also, it generates some real money instead of a barter lipstick from an unknown eshop.

2. Bring something new. Do you also have trouble telling one blog from another as they are all full of Stan Smiths, macaronis and but-first-coffee-people? If your heart beats for minimalism, coffee is your blood type and you can imagine wearing something else than a biker jacket, try to figure out, what else besides of fashion innovativeness you can bring to your potential readers. Can you write well? Perfect! Are you funny? Even better!

3. Be seen. According to Brian Carter, the author of The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook**, people tend to like faces which they see more. Leave a lot of comments, post articles frequently, make friends among popular bloggers - this all works on getting attention from potential readers.

4. Reveal a bit of your real life. Be personal, share your own thoughts and communicate with readers. Don't try to substitute the role of magazines and write objective news or delve into relationship topics - honestly, they are usually better at this.

5. Don't be overmotivated. Don't let popularity be your main goal, don't seek for collaborations badly. The most popular bloggers nowadays harvest fruit from their longtime work - and they've started blogging in the right time. Don't compare yourself with them. Create a blog with lot of content from your heart, with joy and passion for blogging/writting/photography itself. Let the readers' appreciation be the bonus for you, not the main reason.


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