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5 reasons why you don't wanna be a photographer

I'm sure every amateur and wanna-be-a-pro photographer has experienced this. Because being a photographer is not just fun, hanging out on parties, fashion weeks, it's actually more LIKE THIS:

1. You're expected to work for free. Cause everybody thinks you should be glad for having something for your portfolio, you're too young to be treated as a pro, to be paid and most of all, there's plenty of others who will take the job for free instead of you.

2. Big competition. Since DSLR's are more affordable, world is given a new self-taught photographer every single 5 minutes. You need to be really, like REALLY good to be visible, or network a lot.


3. You cannot eat or drink at an event, if you're supposed to shoot there. I mean, you can, but you don't have any time and free hands to hold a glass! Because once you soften your attention to take a sip of champagne, I can guarantee there will be an unrepeatable moment you've failed to take the picture of.

4. The work only begins after the event you were supposed to shoot. And since you're soo excited to see the pics and edit them, you won't go to sleep and will just work work work until eternal tiredness make you to go to sleep at 5 am.

5. You're always craving for new equipment. Because there's alwyays something better and newer available. Nevermind you already have 3 DSLRs, 6 lenses, one compact, 3 analog cameras at home, and you're still shooting mostly on your iphone (emh, logic?)

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sjuloves music #2

Say hi to my new playlist!

It shows what I've been up to in June. Working, taking and editing pics, drawing, writing, housekeeping and listening to, let's say, rhythmic music in the background. Less of singing, more instrumental - electro - swing. Are you also often interrupted by lyrics in songs while working and tend to sing together with the interpret? Are you also missing the good old with all those tags and recommendations? How easy it was back then to answer the question of 'What kind of music do you listen to?'.

Btw, those Spotify recommendations suck, I must say. The only thing worth it, in my opinion, is Discover Weekly (has some weaker weeks form time to time, though, maybe they need more tags :D)


As you might notice, one song in the playlist is slightly different than the others. I couldn't help myself not to put Nils Frahm in there. No electro, no beats, just piano. But Nils is da real MVP, I'll tell you. I've been to his concert twice and he just nailed it. (Moreover, I LOVE the sound of Rhodes)

I'm already curious if you'll liste to my new playlist and what will you say - either about my 'working' electro or about Nils. And don't forget to leave me a comment down below and let me know what kind of music you prefer while you're working!

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The hardest choice


Every time I plan a vacation I have mixed feelings. The excitement about visiting a new place, but also some kind of lust of going back to some lovely places I've already been to. Limited amount of vacation days, budget and fear from a wasted opportunity always pulls me to those undiscovered places, but isn't it a pity -- visit everything only once, watch a good movie or have a great meal in a nice restaurant only once?

Do you also have such feeling time to time?

Anyways, my dilemma was solved as usual by a higher power (, when cheap flight have set the direction of our next vacation -- yaaay,

Barcelona, I'm coming! 

Stay tuned, I'm back in two days with my Barcelona guide!

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I've seen this fur fist on Ana and bag worn by Poppy Zuz. Not either this pink bomber I have found at Stradivarius by myself. I've seen it on Daniela and Dom at first, and then on PavlínaBarbora and ... many times more on somebody else (I'm still waiting for wearing it, but those ones you know how's the weather in CPH know, what I'm speaking about :D)

This green bomber from H&M I've found by myself, but girls from WNB have apparently the same one. And you could also see this backpack from czech designer Odivi several times worn by czech bloggers - beige one by Stylish white rabbit and black one by Silvi.

Being inspired or copying? One way or another, we can't avoid it on blogs. But honestly, I don't mind. We are all wearing the same stuff uniquely, reflecting our own personality and I really like this diversity.

And what about you. Do you let blogs inspire you, or are you fed up with recurring stuff on blogs?

fur jacket: Won Hundred // turtleneck: F&F // jeans: & Other Stories // bag: Matt & Nat // boots: Vagabond

10 things I've learned in Denmark


1. Invest into a proper coat. Don't hasitate to buy the most perfect coat you've found. You'll be wearing it for four fckng months.

2. Enjoy simple things. Like sunlight. Such a simple thing can bring you a lot of joy, especially here, in cloudy rainy CPH

3. Cook. As long as everything is so damn expensive here, including restaurants, cooking for yourself is the cheapest way how to be sated. And also the healthiest one.

4. Not wearing the umbrella. Does it always rain here? Yes, but rain is being taken as a normal part of a everyday life here. Umbrella is for sissies - or foreigners! A Dane goes out only in a raincoat, cap and the bravest ones face the rain without any protection.

5. Don't waste money on cheap cosmetics and clothes. I've learn to, or maybe I have been forced to this? When you only have Loreal, Max Factor, Rimmel and Gosh rack in a store, and everything is 50% more expensive that anywhere else, you'll think twice about wasting money on "cheap" drugstore cosmetics.

6. Lighting candles. Up until now only used as a useless decoration, but from now on the source of light, warmth and mainly, hygge. Hygge, a Danish word for cosiness, means being at home, wrappend in a warm blanket and sipping coffee next to a crackling fireplace or candles, while watching the drizzling greyness outside from the window .. yes, that's very Danish.

7. Improve my English skills. I'm not saying I stopped facepalming in my mind after every single sentence I utter, but thanks to these highly English-language-skilled peeps here I'm improving mine all the time.

8. Drink coffee. Blame the free Nespresso coffee machine at work, and yes, also the sleepy weather. Have I already mentioned that the weather is autumny here most of the time?

9. Adore Danish design all around. Free-entry galleries, or modern buildings where you see that the architect really thought how to integrate them into the surroundings (e.g. resting areas build from natural materials at the beach). Even street lamps here are such a piece of design!

10. Danish...NOT! I haven't learned it yet and I don't think I ever will. I don't know those 5 ways how to pronounce "E" and anyway, it's a horrible language.

shirt: & Other Stories // cardigan: H&M // coat: COS // hat and scarf: Mads Nørgaard // bag: Matt and Nat

place: Statens Museum for Kunst



My Prague fashion week look was inspired by well-known #allblackeverything, and it was pretty damn hard to build up such a wonderful and trendy look, because you know, combining black with black, taking into consideration all the materials I'm using - that's a real art only bloggers are capable of.

Naaah bullshit!

I went from CPH do Prague and then to Slovakia, so I just grabbed some easily-combinable black stuff and that's it. Easy like a piece of cake. You cannot do wrong by wearing black. Black is the most effective weapon in the morning hurry, in fighting against the baggage allowance limit, in aspiring to be a trendy-minimal fashion blogger. Also in Denmark, black is THE most popular color. When Danes want to go color-crazy, they use gray (the most extravagant ones also white and beige).

How about you and black? It's an icon or a safety ring


dress: COS // sneakers: Nike // backpack: Matt & Nat



It's almost April and I've been wearing winter coats, boots and gloves since November. All my friends say this is normal in Denmark (and by all my friends I mean all my expats friends. Danes are revealing more and more of their skin after having their ankles exposed for the whole winter), but I still tirelessly believe that spring is just around the corner. I'm looking for a perfect pair of white sneakers, a light spring jacket and a white backpack, that will reflect the sunlight while I'll be biking in sunlit streets (in case some sunlight will drag through the heavy clouds up here).

And do you know what's the most awesome thing? I saw a squirrel from the kitchen window last weekend. A beautiful red squirrel skittering on a bare bough of a tree. And if the animals start being active after the winter that means, my dear friends, the spring is in the air! Any tips for a perfect pair of white sneakers?

coat: Ganni // scarf: Wood Wood // sweater: H&N Trend // bag: Matt and Nat // trousers: & Other Stories // beanie: & Other Stories