Living out of a suitcase


How do I recognize, I'm totally slammed by self-inflicted work?

- I have my first coffee of the day at 7.30 pm.

- I forget to tell my friends a super cool story which happened already a week ago.

- After three months of not being at home, I can't stop working while sipping an after-dinner wine with my parents.

- Whole week passes without me listening to even a single song in my Discover Weekly.

With these feelings I came back to Copenhagen yesterday, after my tour de Prague - Bratislava - southern Slovakia - northern Slovakia - Krakow - Berlin, to enjoy the crispy Scandinavian sun for two weeks, and then hurray to Spain!

And what about you? What are you looking forward to in April?


top and dress: H&M Studio SS17 // bomber: H&M Trend // bag: BACK // sneakers: Nike

pics by:

Kamila Shíbalová

I'm back!


Long time no see from gloomy, chilly Copenhagen. The only ray of light cutting through the grayness of everyday life has been the Copenhagen Fashion Week AW17 lately. I've enjoyed it even more than usual, because this was the first time I've been shooting for Scandinavian and American magazines (even tough Czech Fashion Map is still my biggest love) and got more into street style photography. And by 'enjoyed' I actually mean 'ran around the city, shot til the night and edited pics til the morning' haha - but I love it! Creating fashionable backstage stories, having goosebumps during fashion shows and trying to take the best storytelling pic from the streets flooded by fashion bloggers - can't wait for the next fashion week!

PS: If you're looking for a nice place to shoot in the winter, and you don't wanna freeze out, a greenhouse of a botanical garden is the right answer! There's one with a free entrance in Copenhagen, and this is not my last time here, that's for sure!

bomber and trousers: H&M // hoodie: Urban Outfiters // purple velvet top: Weekday // turtleneck: Envii // sneakers: Nike // glasses: EyeBuy Direct

me vs. new make-up trends


Despite of all the cosmetic arsenal I own, there is a bad habit spreading here on my vanity table.

I do my make-up way less often than I should. Am I getting naturally prettier as I age?

Unfortunaly not. The reason is, that #nomakeup look is getting very trendy nowadays. But mainly, MAINLY, I'm lazy. It takes me almost half an hour to do my make-up (I'm slow and clumsy), so sometimes..around 4 days a week..I just don't give a shit about that and go barefaced. And it's getting that serious, that one day I actually went out to shoot an outfit armoured just by a single darkbrown lipstick (which turned out to be even worse idea than you could imagine).

Making this story short, let's just say I skip the portraits this time.

What is the moral of this story?

If you don't look like a model and don't wanna look like a mole, put at least a mascara on.

Just in case you wanna shoot some pics, because a camera makes your molish look even worse (and it's the camera's fault, there's not doubt, right?)

jacket: Mango // dress: Mads Nørgaard // pants: H&M // scarf: Acne Studios // sneakers: Nike



There are people, who, naturally, dress up appropriately for a special occasion such as Prague Fashion Week, and there are people who, little ashamed, go for a shabby look, because a fashion week means more work than fun for them. Nevertheless, they ain't blind to fashion hacks all around, but keep their eyes wide open, searching for inspiration. For example me spotting Eva Marie having her brows coloured in turquoise green.

Only with one difference - instead of a fashion week, I'm wearing my brows coloured (in purple, not that it has any effect on my stubbornly dark brows) when visiting Aarhus Art Museum.

What about you? How do you apply tiny fragments of extravagance into your daily life?

jacket: Won Hundred // dress: Monki // hat: & Other Stories // sneakers: Nike



My Prague fashion week look was inspired by well-known #allblackeverything, and it was pretty damn hard to build up such a wonderful and trendy look, because you know, combining black with black, taking into consideration all the materials I'm using - that's a real art only bloggers are capable of.

Naaah bullshit!

I went from CPH do Prague and then to Slovakia, so I just grabbed some easily-combinable black stuff and that's it. Easy like a piece of cake. You cannot do wrong by wearing black. Black is the most effective weapon in the morning hurry, in fighting against the baggage allowance limit, in aspiring to be a trendy-minimal fashion blogger. Also in Denmark, black is THE most popular color. When Danes want to go color-crazy, they use gray (the most extravagant ones also white and beige).

How about you and black? It's an icon or a safety ring


dress: COS // sneakers: Nike // backpack: Matt & Nat

back to school

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Four months in Denmark and I still don't know a single sentence in Danish, what a shame! Well, there's no need, since Danes speak English perfectly and somehow I have picked up the most important words like Udsalg (Sale) and Husk Kort (Remove your Card) very quickly..
However, the article by  Figuri , my fav life blogger, made me think the sooner I start with Danish language, the better.

Read about her experience at Speak-dating during  the European Day of Languages  bellow and see for yourself the tough times I will have to face. Cos yes, from now on, I'm attending school again and studying  Danish language , *fingers crossed*.

Danish table: 
Me: Can you teach me some basic phrases? I want to brag about it to my friend who moved to Denmark... 
Danish Guy: *holds up a primitive phrase*..."hdsfsgdfjsgdfjdfhsbf" 
Me: Ehm... can you repeat that? 
DG: repeats 
Me: confused, not sure if guy actually said something or yawned 
Me: You are not saying half of the letters in those words. How do you know which one to say an which one not to say? 
DG: Depends. We have silent Gs, silent Ds... many silent letters. And E is the trickiest one - you have seven ways to pronounce it! Let´s try some numbers! *shows a strange chart with numbers and a primitive sentence (I am ... years old), pronounces it absolutely unrecognizably*. He is 43. 
Me: What? 43? How do you say REALLY? In Danish? VIRKLICH? So Danish men don´t age? 
DG: Thank you. And you look very beautiful! (Says it in Danish, then trying to teach me some nice Danish phrases.) We can talk more about Danes in a café somewhere... 
Me: I compliment him on speaking the hardest language of the world, slowly trying to leave the table.
DG: Thank you, it is very hard to learn for foreigners, yes. Oh and - add me on Facebook! *writes name on my notes*

Štyri mesiace v Dánsku a ani len jedinú dánsku vetu neviem, hanba mi! I keď, povedzme si úprimne, Dáni vedia tak super po anglicky, že mi to jednak ani netreba a jednak, dôležité slová ako Udsalg (výpredaj) a Husk Kort (vytiahnite kartu) som sa akosi..ehm..naučila veľmi rýchlo.
Článok mojej najsamsuper Life blogerky Figuri ma ale priviedol späť k tomu, čo som tušila už dávno - čím skôr s týmto neartikulovateľným jazykom plným dávivých zvukov začnem, tým lepšie.

Prečítajte si úryvok, čo zažila pri dánskom stole na Speak-datingu v rámci Európskeho dňa jazykov v Prahe. A držte mi palce, pretože za pár dní začínam so štúdiom dánčiny a bude to fakt masaker..
A nezabudnite mrknúť na jej blog! (Teda ak si pod Life blog chcete predstaviť aj niečo iné, ako načančané fotky s ovsenou kašou a tulipánmi, či nezlomnú snahu blogerky inšpirovať vás k žitiu svojich snov, ale hlavne k hlasovaniu v nejakej súťaži..)

Ja: Can you teach me some basic phrases? I want to brag about it to my friend who moved to Denmark... 
Dánsky lektor: (Zdvihne papierik s trojslovnou vetou.) „Hdsfsgdfjsgdfjdfhsbf." 
Ja: Ehm... could you please repeat that? 
Dánsky lektor: (Zopakuje, čo povedal.) 
Ja: (Zmätená som. Bolo to zívnutie? Zakašľal? Nedusí sa?) 
Ja: You are not saying half of the letters in those words. How do you know which one to say and which one not to say? 
Dánsky lektor: Depends. We have silent Gs, silent Ds... many silent letters. And E is the trickiest one - you have seven ways to pronounce it! Let's try some numbers! (Ukazuje tabuľku s číslami a jednoduchou vetou - Mám ... rokov. Uši nastražené, no i tak nerozumiem. Mimochodom, má 43.) 
Ja: Whaaat? 43? How do you say REALLY in Danish? VIRKLICH? So Danish men don't age? Dánsky lektor: Thank you. And you look very beautiful! (Vzápätí to povie po dánsky, potom sa ma snaží naučiť zopár milých dánskych fráz.) We can talk more about Danes in a café somewhere...
Ja: (Zložím mu poklonu za to, že hovorí asi najťažším jazykom sveta a pomaly sa dvíham od stola.V duši sa mi rozlieha pocit beznádeje a sklamania z mojich cudzojazykových buniek.)

jacket, dress: H&M Trend // cap: H&M Studio // sneakers: Nike


jacket: H&M // dress: Monki // bag: Odivi // sneakers: Nike

1. Nechutný rozvrh, kedy máte 4 dni v týždni ranné hodiny.
2. Žiadna sieť // wifi
3. Baterka sa dostáva do červených čísel. 10%, žiadna nabíjačka po ruke a cesta domov ešte veľmi ďaleká.
4. Zas pomiešali emoji. Srdcia v symboloch, handry presunuté z predmetov do ksichtov, vianočný stromček pri veveričke vo zvieratách..nemôžu tam tie nové proste len pridať?? Aaargh!
5. Konečne sú zľavy, konečne si chcete kúpiť vec, po ktorej ste dlho prahli a oni nemajú vaše číslo.
6. Zato majú vaše číslo veci, ktorú ste si bohémsky kúpili za plnú cenu, že veď žijete len raz a sú to len peniaze. Ehm -.-
7. Niekto vám ukradne vec z 'e-košíka' pri tom, ako (pomaly) zadávate objednávku (posledného kusu vo vašom čísle).
8. Nemajú vaše obľúbené jahody. Musíte si kúpiť tie shitné a bez chuti z Tesca, alebo budú vaše raňajky neúplné..
9. Diel sierálu, ktorý ste si práve stiahli a hrozne sa naň tešíte, je dabovaný česky (nič proti češtine, do slovenčiny to nikto nedabuje a koniec-koncov, je to tak aj lepšie) a musíte si stiahnuť ďalší, konečne už v angličtine.
10. Vaše bluetooth spojenie s reprákmi je také pomalé, že si radšej ten zvuk pustíte z mobilu alebo z notebooku
11. Vec, ktorú ste si chceli už tak pred pol rokom kúpiť, začne byť masívne propagovaná naprieč blogosférou a snáď nie je blogerky, ktorá by ju nemala/ nepropagovala/ nepchala ju na každú naštylizovanú instafotku. Okej PR, díky za znechutenie tej veci nám, menej stádovitým.

Zavše sa cítim veľmi šťastná, keď si uvedomím, čo ma to práve rozhnevalo. Fakt. Je to úžasný pocit, byť naštvaná pre také hlúposti. Znamená to, že nie je nič horšie a skutočnejšie, čo by ma mohlo trápiť. Som zdravá, mám kde bývať a čo jesť, a mám svojich blízkych pri sebe. Niet nad pocit, môcť sa trápiť iba hlúposťami.

Aké sú vaše first-worlds problems, ktoré vás hnevajú a tešia zároveň? 

                                                                                                                 ● ● ● ● ●

1. Really disgusting schedule. You have morning lessons 4 days per week.
2. No network // wifi connection
3. No more juice. The battery is low.
4. They mixed up emoji icons again. Hearts among symbols, clothes among faces ..aaargh!
5. You have been patient and waited for so long for the item you wanted to buy in a sale and now they don't have your size.
6. They have your size on sale, but you've already bought it for the full price.
7. Somebody bought something you had in an e-shop cart while you were (slowly) going through the process of filling in all the form fields.
8. They don't have your favourite brand of strawberries and you have to buy some ordinary one without the expressive taste or, god forbid, go through the day without strawberries..
9. The episode of a series you just downloaded is in Czech instead of English and you have to download a different one.
10. Your bluetooth connection to your speakers is soo crappy that you rather torture yourself with the sound coming from your cellphone // notebook. 
11. Suddenly every freaking fashion blogger has the thing you wanted to buy and it is all over the instagram and the bloggosphere. 

I'm feeling very happy realizing what makes me angry from time to time. Seriously. Noticing how irrelevant problems I sometimes have makes me feel very satisfied with my life. And thankful for being healthy, relatively wealthy, with my loving relatives and friends around me. 

What are your first-world problems, what makes you angry and happy at the same time?