coat, gloves: COS // jeans: MANGO // bag: Matt & NAT // boots: Vagabond // scarf: Pieces // peruvian hat: a gift


So is the wheather miserable oustide? Freezing cold, drizzling and wind is blowing? I don't mind! These happy 5 things that happened to me recently warm my heart well enough. It's totally awesome, when:

- You relealize, the key from the front door fits also in a basement door, so your bike can hibernate in a hyggelig warm and dry place

- No metter the nationality, race or religion, there's a perfect and totally friendly athmosphere in your class at school

- Your teacher compliment your danish pronunciation (even though you've got no idea how to produce that soft-d-sound again)

- You get a free scone in a bakery, because they baked too many of them today

- You discover another place where they make great Chai Latte.

.. in as much as those three woolen layers I'm wearing :P

And how are you doing, guys? Tell me your happy things, I'm supercurious!