Dupe or Original? | How Zara makes this decision hard

Maybe you have spotted it, or you even own one - a Zara dupe of the Acne Velocite jacket. Massive aviator faux leather jacket with a superfurry lining, for a tiny fraction of the original one's price. Really a nice one, no surprises I've seen it so often on streets and blogs everywhere.

You know, the thing about Zara is that there is always this difficult dichotomy - dope style for little money x poor quality and high chance it has been copied from a runway. Lavish fashionista's soul x acknowledgment, WHY all these items are so much cheaper and that stealing intellectual property is bad.

Every coin has two sides and everything can be excused, somehow. Zara brings fashionable pieces to women who fancy stylish wardrobe, but who couldn't be ever able to buy the original version of those.

No more words needed, I have a love-hate relationship with Zara

One way or another, I've decided not to buy this jacket. I've bought an original Acne hat instead of it (but for the same price). It doesn't warm me the whole body like a jacket, however, the feeling that I've supported a designer and haven't chosen to wear a copy, warms me inside.

But let's wait what I'll go for the next time (I've seen some very cool summer shoes collection by Zara ehmm). I'm a lavish fashionista sometimes (read 'too often').

How about you and Zara? Friends, or not really?

Paris | First Impressions | Where to go for brunch


Before I bring you a mega-piece with my experience and photos of streetstyle from Paris Fashion Week AW2017 (already looking forward to the Prague one), I prepared some quick tips and my first impressions from Paris. I went there with my boyfriend for a semi-working, semi-vacation trip and here is what I found out.


  • picturesque streets of Montmartre
  • walking along the Seine river
  • grandiose streets, squares and architecture in the centre, reminding me a bit of either Prague or Budapest
  • restaurants with outdoor seating and great brunch menus you can enjoy throughout the whole day
  • people enjoying themselves and chit-chatting with their friends in those restaurants, even in early-spring rainy weather
  • free tap water with your order
  • meeting Lucie in one of the must-visit places in Paris--Cafe de Flore
  • great pastry
  • night visit of sparkling Eiffel tower
  • Sacre Coeur and the nice views of Paris


  • Three days of neverending rain and running around in wet sneakers
  • The streets outside the centre were a bit dirty
  • Families of homeless people camping on Champs-Élysées
  • Parisians, who are not as chic as I originally thought
  • Parisians, who don't speak English, just as I heard
  • Car culture with a lot of noise and exhaust gasses in the city


Holybelly - allegedly the best brunch in Paris. And it was really good. But the place is really crowded and you can easily spend half an hour in a queue outside.

Blackburn coffee - even a tad better than Holybelly in my view. And they have free wifi. You have to go for Oeuf cocotte if you visit!

Café de Flore - the ultimate venue for every instagrammer. Unfortunately, we didn't get the round table outside. Nevertheless, both omelette and coffee were delicious, so we survived being in a slightly less photogenic part of the restaurant

Benedict - maybe you've guessed it by the name, yes, Benedict eggs, prepared in different ways for the whole day (but it's also a proper restaurant with daily lunch menu)

Any bakery along the way, we went to Huré - supersoft croissants and maybe the best non-sweet pastry ever

I think there are other European cities which I enjoyed more than Paris. Barcelona, for example. Maybe we were just unlucky with the rainy weather we had in Paris and Barcelona is a paradise for all foodies. It's true, though, that Paris has much more to offer. I'm already looking forward to our next visit, as we've only managed to visit a couple of places. I'm sure Paris will get another chance to prove it's a great city to us. What about you? How do you like Paris? Which European cities do you like most?

coat,trousers, earrings: & Other Stories // sweater: H&M // boots: Zara // bag: BACK // hat: Acne

Shopping hacks in Copenhagen #1


Every time I enter a designer-like store here in CPH it is usually unusually crowded and I leave in a short moment, overwhelmed and with a depression. Don't wanna go into further details, but while wages are higher here in general, so are the expenses. So you think about each unnecessary purchase of a fashionable piece of clothes here twice.

I mean, even tough Danes don't hasitate to spend money on high fashion, I've noticed a very interesting habit here.

Actually, it's rather nice habit.

One day a season, more than a few popular Danish brands organise a stock sale, where you can buy things even more than 70% off. But be aware - coming here at opening time means to find a 100m long queue of chilled Danes sipping coffee (usually shop provides it for free - supercool approach indeed!) in front of the door, discussing what they would like to buy. Because on this special day, you should come at least 2h earlier to have a chance of getting your fav piece.

Good that I didn't have any special garment I was craving for. So these two Acne pieces I've found there made me so happy.

100% pure wool and warm tones of orange - exactly what I need this winter!

knit: Acne Studios // coat: Baum und Pferdgarten // jeans: Levi's // boots: Zara // bag: BACK // hat: COS

The Road Less Traveled

Let's make a small recap. It's been 2 years since I started blogging, I have 450 regular readers at GFC, a bit more than 500 followers on facebook and this is also a number of views of a new article when I post it. I'm struggling solidly around 1900 followers on Instagram, and my presence on other social networks is negligible, because nobody ain't got time for that.


Frankly, when I look at my blogger colleagues who started blogging around the same time as I did,

one can call my blog a failure.

And even though I've decided to take the less travelled road on my blog, reflect more of my aesthetic feelings than popular topics or even other blogs, no matter the effect this might have. Still, from time to time, the question WHY comes up to my mind.

Why are people unsubscribing and visits stagnant since I've changed the layout, name and slightly also the topics?

What I wanna do with that?

I could propably, at the expence of quality, post an article every second day or shoot vlogs. I could invest a decent amount of money to a proper designer bags and spend time on stylizing instagramers-approved pics (marble table, maccaronies, tulips, whatever). I could reveal more of my privacy, take pics in bra, or at least let world know, that today is my #nobraday.


I don't give a f*ck.

I'm happy with my blog. It makes me even more happy when a follower or other blogger colleague spares a nice word on it, and this is certainly happening more and more often. I will probably never be an idol for little girls, won't be featured in a teenage magazine or won't be promoting poison-green bubble tea (as Czechoslovak young bloggers and youtubers do). But not everyone can be a Justin Bieber in a bloggers' world, someone has to be in another spectrum of blogosphere ...and be.. let's say Grimes! I certainly love her music waaay more than Bieber's (don't know any songs from him, to be honest) although he's certainly more popular. And I hope, someone could also see my blog in this way :D

Fellow bloggers, let me know how you cope with blogging failure and what it means for you. If you don't have a blog, please let me know down in the comments section, who your fav bloggers or youtubers are, and if you follow someone, who's not that much popular, but still you like her/his style :) Thanks!


dress: H&M // bag: Bimba y Lola // sandals: Zara


index index index
Zdravím, v tento krásny jesenný deň! Včera sa netom prehnala smršť menom Socialne média sú klam a vy ste to už museli čítať asi 100-krát, áno, i ja sa k tomu idem práve vyjadriť.

V prvom rade sa Vás pýtam - Myslíte si, že profily na Insta s desiatkami tisícov followerov sú vždy autentické? Že ich majitelia sú šťastní a bezstarostní ľudia, užívajúci si svoj nádherný život?

Ak ste odpovedali akokoľvek, čítajte ďalej! :)

Hey guys, even though you probably couldn't miss this story on the internet, I want to dedicate this article to the very hot topic - Social Media Is Not The Real Life.

First of all, let me ask you a question - Do you think instagram posts from people with hundreds of thousands followers are all authentic? Do you think, that these people are happy, self confident, with a laid-back approach to life?

Whatever your answer is, keep reading! :)

jacket: Levi's (second hand) // dress: COS // cardigan: Zara // bag: Odivi // sneakers: Nike // sock and stockings : H&M and Lindex

Ide o príbeh Esseny O'Neill, mladej austrálskej youtuberky / Istagramerky /sľubnej modelky, ktorú svoju kariéru postavila na sociálnych sieťach. Dosiahla v našich zemepisných šírkach takmer nemožné - vyše 700 tis followerov na Instagrame a tomu i prináležiace výhody (spomína 2000 AUD za Instapost).  
Teraz sa však re-edituje svoje posty a popisuje ich skutočné pozadie.

"Prispievanie na Insta ma pohltilo. Nedokážem popísať, aký krásny je živoe bez mobilu, bez sociálnych sietí, bez porovnávania, alebo lajkov alebo followerov. Nie sme followeri, sme jedinečné bytosti plné lásky (ok, lepšie to preložiť neviem). Nikdy som sa necítila tak slobodne." hovorí vo svojom videu, na YT kanáli, ktorý už žial zmazala (rovnako ako Insta).
Búrlivo roní slzy a vysvetľuje, ako so soaciálnymi siaťami začala v 12tich, v snahe dokázať sebe i svetu, že na to má a tež má a i ona môže byť tými modelkami a mediálne známymi bytosťami, ktoré toľko obdivovala.

This is a story of Essena O'Neill whose whole 'carreer' has been built around Social Media. She had more than 700k followers on the Instagram and now she stopped taking social-media photos and keeps re-eding her photos with 'true' captions.

"Posting on instagram consumed me. I can't tell you how beautiful life is without a phone, without social media, without comparing, or likes or followers. We are not followers, we are beings of individuality and love. I have never felt so free. ” she's saying in her video, which is unfortunatelly not longer available.
She was literally crying, and explaing us how she started with social media at the age of 12, trying to prove herself, her own value a and show to other people that she also can be as beautiful as models are.

But then she realized, she was just consumed and overhelmed by it, doing only what paying companies wanted from her, and stopped being herself.
That video has became extremely viral. And almost everyone says she's rigth, she's the one who managed to open her eyes and see how the world and social media really are (and aren't).

Zlom nastal, keď zistila, ako je tým celým pohltená, ako tomu zasvätila celý život, ako podlieha firmám, ktoré jej platia za reklamu a že vlastne ani nevie, kým sa vlastne stala.
Video za jedinký deň zaplavilo internety a vyvolalo obrovskú vlnu nadšenia z Esseny, ktorá otvorila oči a chce nás inšpirovať svojimi činmi.

Čo si o tom myslíte?
No..ja by som povedala, že je to veľmi zaujímave, no viac než inšpiratívne to pokladám za ...patetické.
V prvom rade je strašne smutné, keď niekto začne svoje pôsobenie na sociálnych sieťach pocitom, že musí nejak sebe i iným dokázať svoju vlastnú hodnotu.

No i tak, zvolania so slzami v očiach "Ľudiaaa, choďte von! Tam je skutočný svet! Príroda, ľudia sa objímajú, rozprávajú sa!" mi prídu strašne patetické.
Dívam sa okolo a všetci žijú normálne životy neberúc sociálne siete moc vážne a ona mi svojím posolstvom príde, akoby si toho nebola uplne vedomá. Akoby predpokladala, všetci riešia instagram a siete tak vážne, ako ona riešila. A stále ich rieši, i ked sa na to snaží pozerať z iného uhla, z uhla 'šíriaceho osvetu'.. 
A navyše, nakoľko sa vzdala sponzorov a zdroj príjmov, pýta ľudí o pomoc - peniaze. 
Nemám rada takéto hranie ľudom na city, ako venuje video svojmu mladšiemu ja a cití sa byť zneužitá médiami, že pre ne zapredala telo i dušu. 
Stále mám pocit, že takéto okázalé verejné manifestácie sily a odvahy sú prejavom pravého opaku.

Pre viac info, prečítaje si viac na jej stránkach -- TU

What do you think about that?
Well.. I find it very interesting, but maybe more pathetic then inspiring.
At first I need to say that starting an Insta/YouTube/Whatever-Social-Media-Channel with the intention to prove your value is just really sad.
And crying "Heeey people, go outside and see the nature, hug other people! There's a life outside!!" as if it was a huge discovery just tells me that she still takes Instagram and social media very seriously.
I just cannot see the difference between being obssessed by posting how perfect and special she is (thin, beautiful, joyful) via social media before and being obssessed by posting how valuable are her thoughts and makeovers are now.
And, strangely enough, she's asking for donations in a Youtube video, because she lost her sponsors and stopped posting the paid content, thus losing her source of income..
For more, click on her page -- here

Akože áno, je super, že v 18/19 dostala rozum, ale obviňovať sociálne média z toho, že v nich nachádzala šťastie, sebaúctu a zdroj príjmov mi stále príde nedospelé a alibistiké.
Jej posolstvo ako také nie je zlé, a verím, že neisté dievčatá v predpubertálnom veku s pripojením na internet by ju mali dobre počúvať. Iba tá forma presiaknutá búrlivými emóciami, ma nie a nie presdvečiť, že už teraz skutočne vie, čo robí..

Aký máte z toho pocit vy?

So..yes. Of course it's better that she realized how silly she was, better late than never, but blaming social media isn't the right way how to prove she's more mature than she was when she was 12.
Her message isn't bad per se, and I believe many young girls in their pre-pubertal age doubting their own value should listen to her. However, the form she used and the overhelming emotional tsunami I got from the video didn't really persuade me.

What do you think guys?


coat, top : Zara
skirt: KTZ
backpack: Odivi
sandals: Vagabond
sunnies: Anna Dello Russo for H&M
photos by Tomáš Gál and

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week je viac než za nami a ja som ho opäť prežila za objektívom, ďaleko od svetiel reflektorov. Neunikla som ale pozornému oku street style fotografov. Netušiac, že nie som ani celebrita ani veleznáma blogerica, odfotil ma fotograf ruskej stránky Celkom funny skúsenosť :) Asi by som si na to vedela zvyknúť :D
Avšak obliekať sa na takéto podujatia nad rámec svojej každodennej výstrednosti, len preto, aby ma niekto odfotil, mi príde dosť mimo. Ale kde je hranica medzi nevinným hraním sa s extravaganciou a hraním sa na niečo, čo nie ste?
Každý máme svoju hranicu niekde inde a pre mňa bol môj fashion weekový outfit tak akurát predimenzovaný. Aby som to bola stále ja, aby som nemala pocit, že idem na karneval, no zároveň prispôsobila oblečenie tejto špeciálnej udalosti.
Čo (by) ste si obliekli vy? Pokojne hoďte link i na váš insta alebo blog, s fotkami vášho oblečka. Budem veľmi rada :)

                                                                                                                ● ● ● ● ●

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week is more than over and I have spent it behind the camera again, far away from the limelights. However I got noticed by a street style photographers' eagle eyes. Not knowing I'm not a celeb nor a superfamous blogger, a photographer from the russian webiste took a few pics of me. Quite funny experience :)I could get used to it, I guess :D
Dressing up and going to great lenghts to get attention from other photographers is flat out silly, though. But where's the border between playing with fashion and pretending to be somebody else?
Everyone has their own border and for me, my look had just the right amount of extravaganza. Still being myself, not dressed up like I was going to a carnival, but still having some special pieces for this special occasion.
What would you wear? Feel free to attach a link to your insta or blog with pics of your fashion week look :) 


Predtým než sa ku mne dostanú fotky môjho outfitu z Prague Fashion Week (bacstage uvidíte postupne TU), poviem vám, že som si týždeň v Prahe náramne užila. Možno tým, že som na sprievodných akciách trávila viac času než minule, možno mojím menej-asociálnym vyžarovaním, ale spoznala som tento fashion week hrozne veľa super ľudí.

Napríklad Pavel. Už som dávno nestretla človeka, ktorý sa tak úprimne zaujíma o módu ako súčasť umenia a kultúry. Nepozná a nesleduje blogy, na sprievodné akcie i hlavný program ide tento študent medicíny čisto kvôli estetickému zážitku. Žiadna póza a okázalé upozorňovanie na seba. Také netradičné v tomto pozlátkovom svete! 

A mnohých ďalších inšpiratívnych a kreatívnych ľudí, ktorí napriek svojmu mladému veku už niečo dokázali. Je super nebyť asociálny. Ono si tie príležitosti na zaujímavé stretnutia človeka nájdu, keď je voči nim otvorený. Aká je vaša skúsenosť? Radi sa zoznamujete s novými ľudmi, či vás toto príliš nebaví?
                                                                                                                  ● ● ● ● ●

Before getting the photos of my outfit from Prague Fashion Week from my fellow photographer colleague (you might have seen some pics HERE), I have to tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed the week in Prague. Maybe because I attended more events from the side programme, maybe because of the less-asocial beaming of mine, I've met many supercool people during this fashion week.

Pavel, for example. I cannot remeber meeting a person with so pure interest in fashion as a part of art and culture lately. He isn't really into blogs, this medicine student and arts enthusiast attends the events of Fashion Week purely because of the aesthetical experience. No pretending or ostentatious showing off. How rare in this trumpery world!

And many other inspirative and creative people who, inspite of their young age, have achieved something great. It's cool not to be asocial. Those opportunities and interesting meet-ups will find you, when you're open to them. What do you think? Do you like meeting new peeps or are you more of a asocial weirdo?

dress: ODIVI
cardigan: Zara
sneakers: Nike
watch: Casio
ring: &other stories