[VIDEO] MBPFW SS17 and What's New

Last winter, I was quite unhappy about the oragnisation and press facilities at Prague Fashion Week when compared to the similar event in Copanhagen. This summer Copenhagen proved me wrong :D I'm taking it back now, Prague is not worse! :D

What I appreciated this season at Prague Fashion Week more was something I won't experience in Copenhagen for a long time: friends. It's so sweet and refreshing to meet old friends between fashion shows, whom I share passion for fashion and local designers with. This is something that cannot really be compensated by the most comfy sofas or an endless coffee supply at CPHFW press lounge (which was kind of missing this time).

Anyway, as you might have seen on my fb, MBPFW SS17 was a totally different experience for me. For the first time, I didn't primarily shoot pics, but I made a video from the backstage! I have a feeling my work has had no big progress for some time, so I wanted to move on to something a bit different and making videos has tempted me for quite some time. So this is my second video attempt! Let's see where it will lead in the future. I'm definitely not a vlogging/classy YT formats person, I rather play with cuts, music and wanna learn some effects, so yeah..

Let's see what the future will bring!

HENRIK VIBSKOV - Salami Kitchen of the Nonexistent

Henrik Vibskov nailed it again with his latest creative and breathtaking Salami Kitchen of the Nonexistent SS17 fashion show.


A massive 20 meters long structure standing as a central piece, with large piles of salamis hanging from it, creating an eccentric frame for the catwalk. The atmosphere is rainy dark and gloomy. In the installation, 4 heavyweight butchers operate a factory making salamis. Estimating the maturity of salamis, wiping greasy hands on their aprons.

Meat and savoring meat is the core of the Vibskov's show. The hedonistic ideas of joy and delectation contrast with the beautiful precision of the martial arts, producing crisp, obi-belted dresses (Obi is sash for traditional uniforms for Japanese martial arts) and poplin shirting.

Roots of this meaty motiv can be hidden in Vibskov's origin as a countryside boy raised in a village in the country which is one of the world’s largest pig meat exporters, evidence of which is reflected across his work.

Funny fact, there was a little merch sale after the show, where you could buy an organic sausages made from happy Danish pigs, and you get another one too - the plush one, identical with those ones used in the catwalk installation. Not a bad idea, I guess :)

How do you like the collection and the show?

Although being a veggie, I liked it very much, as I always do like Vibskov's work. Most of all, the guilted white bomber and bold knits, which remain as strong a category for Vibskov as ever.

Henrik Vibskov

Ushyte x Babô

ô collection by Ushyté x Babô

styled by: Johanna Grigarová (Ushyté) and Babô (Feathers to dust)
interior design by: Kristýna Patyková (WNB)

I'm so happy I could be a part of Ushyté collab with Babô. Ô collection is a supercool baby of the two talented girls. It's handmade from the blank garments, printed with the patterns from Babô's architecture master thesis and sewed by Johanna. Soo local, sustainable and made with lôve.
The ô collection is available at Tictail or
S veľkou radosťou vám predstavujem ô kolekciu - kolaboráciu Ushyté a Babô, a som veľmi šťastná, že som mohla byť jej súčasťou. Že sa jedná o skutočné spojenie síl, je pri pohľade na vzory viac než zrejmé. Vrstevnice z výkresu, nákresy parkoviska - to nemôže byť nič iné, než situácie z Babô diplomky. Vlastnoručne tlačená, šitá, vytváraná s láskou - taká je nová kolekcia ô.

ô je dostupná na Tictail alebo Sashe.

MBPFW SS15 #2 - Polanka // La Formela backstage

In this post we continue with the Day #2 at the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. Today we changed our venue and left ZIBA Prague Glass Experience Museum. The shows of the leading Czech fashion designers are hosted by The skatepark on Prague's Štvanice Island for the entire Saturday's programme.

One of the best known Czech designers Jakub Polanka can be described in several sentences: a Prague UMPRUM and Paris Institut Français de la Mode graduate. A former asset to the Philippe Starck Designs team. A Mango Fashion Awards finalist and a presenting stylist at the Festival in Hyères. The designer of the year at Czech Grand Design and Hubert de Givenchy prize laureate. The best designer according to the Elle Style Awards and one of the most promising talents of the young generation according to Vogue Italia. 

Belleville, apocalypse, an epistolary love relationship, these are the topics Jakub has been working on for the last couple of seasons. The rhythm and pace of the spring/summer 2016 collection follow a well-known tune - (You Gotta) FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (to Party)!

Our garments have an artistic basis reflecting allusions to history, culture, traditions and nature” says about their work the Czech-Slovak LaFormela trio, the Czech Grand Design Award 2014 winners. Antonín Soukup, Miroslava Kohutiarová and Katarína Ravasová reach for certain elements into the past and at the same time transform them within the intentions of contemporary aesthetics. Their style is avant-garde and slightly underground, however, still distinctly feminine. Their avant-garde and slightly underground style which still maintains a distinctly feminine character is popular among many famous Czech figures. 

The trio’s description of their new spring/summer 2016 collection is mysterious: ‘The attraction and tension between opposites is a fascinating symbiosis. Fight changes into harmony and endless surprises opening new horizons.’

MBPFW SS16 #1 - Kubickova / Geislerova backstage

Another amazing Prague fashion week for SS16 is over. Such a fabulous experience! This time I was only in the backstage, which I enjoy a bit more than catwalks. That atmosphere and vibe is frankly indescribable. I literally revel in unexpected fashion moments, finding new compositions and angles ^^

So stay tuned, photos from my first backstage are right here!

The name Zuzana Kubíčková is a byword for women’s fashion, sensitive combinations of colours and old textile techniques applied to modern garment. Lace, embroidery and pearls – all these can be found in the collections of the UMPRUM graduate and ESAA Duperré in Paris and Iceland Academy of Arts in Reykjavik intern. The collections have been launched from her own studio in Prague since 2012. The Czech author was also credited with the Fashion Designer of the Year award at Czech Grand Design in 2011. 
The successful Czech designer in the Spring/ Summer 2016 season plays with the theme of card gambling. 'The ubiquitous adrenaline and joy of the game in the collection connects with motifs of card symbols, for example in the form of embroidery. With barriers aside, you get the green light for courage, and a risky appetite. There is nothing to worry about; aces up the sleeve are not necessary. It's just a game, with a pinch of fun that leaves you balancing on thin ice, "says Zuzana.
[official text from MBPFW]

Kateřina Geislerová started to work in her field in Paris, where she studied fashion design at LISAA at first, then did internships with French fashion houses and finally, fighting strong French fashion competition, opened her own boutique. Her distinctly feminine work instantly won the hearts of the Czech audience as well as fashion connoisseurs immediately following her debut at the domestic market during Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2012. 

After a short break in spring 2015, Kateřina is coming back to the September MBPFW’s catwalk with a spring/summer 2016 collection about which she says: ‘Day and night, night and day. Without past or future. Merging dualities, transformation. A different dimension, different perceptions, different love…’
[official text from MBPFW]

[official photos from MBPFW]

CPHFW SS16: Street style

I was very curious to see street style during the Copenhagen fashion week. You know, when average people here are dressed like czechoslovak most famous bloggers, how will the danish fashionables look like??'s more colorful! People are wearing strange accesories, play more with the fashion. And what  I like the most..are fashionable experienced ladies/gentlemen. As I wrote HERE, I really like how they have their own unique style and they're not afraid of wearing colours.

CPHFW SS16 : Nicholas Nybro

The next fashion show I attended during the Copenhagen fashion week, was the show of Nicholas Nybro. It was split into two parts, and I really enjoyed especially the 'pyjamas' part. I love long comfy shirts, dresses and everything that looks like a home clothing. I would wear it all day long, if I could ♥

And here is more about Nicholas Nybro from CPHFW official web:

Nicholas Nybro is a Copenhagen based fashion brand. With several collections under his belt and employment with Moonspoon Saloon, he launched his brand Nicholas Nybro in early 2011.

Nicholas Nybro specializes in conceptual clothing, costumes and art direction. His designs are characterized by a humoristic and unpretentious approach towards fashion, but without compromise in material or craftsmanship. The collections have varied over clothing and lately hats and bags have been added to the collections. 

SQ1 is part one of two collections that both take its inspiration from H. C. Andersen's renowned fairy tale, The Snow Queen, which is Nicholas Nybros favourite fairy tale. In SQ1 the setting is childhood and summer, thoughts of bees and harvest time.