Here we have another home-made mixtape compiled out of a number of Discover Weeklies of mine. It's more fun than diggin' through my old archives, which is the way how I created the last Indie Rock playlist. Eventhough the result sounds like an odd mixture of lounge, electronic, reggae, indie folk and p-funk.

Anyhow, what are currently you're fav songs?

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SJULOVES music #3 - Indie Rock

Sju hasn't been listening to the music during July, because she was on her vacation for more than two weeks. She has also missed her Discover Weekly from Spotify, too. So she has dug deeper into her music storage and dedicated the new playlist to

Indie Rock music, a genre of music she has connected with during those times long gone, when she was just a small music-exploring cub.

I'm not quite sure whether so many super albums have been launched during my first two years at collage or it's somehow related to having one of best periods in my life and now I have those albums somehow connected with happy feelings. One way or another, I haven't discovered that many great albums or songs ever since, and I still keep on returning to these ones.

Do you also return to some music you've discovered a long time ago?

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sjuloves music #2

Say hi to my new playlist!

It shows what I've been up to in June. Working, taking and editing pics, drawing, writing, housekeeping and listening to, let's say, rhythmic music in the background. Less of singing, more instrumental - electro - swing. Are you also often interrupted by lyrics in songs while working and tend to sing together with the interpret? Are you also missing the good old with all those tags and recommendations? How easy it was back then to answer the question of 'What kind of music do you listen to?'.

Btw, those Spotify recommendations suck, I must say. The only thing worth it, in my opinion, is Discover Weekly (has some weaker weeks form time to time, though, maybe they need more tags :D)


As you might notice, one song in the playlist is slightly different than the others. I couldn't help myself not to put Nils Frahm in there. No electro, no beats, just piano. But Nils is da real MVP, I'll tell you. I've been to his concert twice and he just nailed it. (Moreover, I LOVE the sound of Rhodes)

I'm already curious if you'll liste to my new playlist and what will you say - either about my 'working' electro or about Nils. And don't forget to leave me a comment down below and let me know what kind of music you prefer while you're working!

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sjuloves music #1

When it comes to blogging, I've always wanted to try one thing -- to have a regular feature. To have that will and inner power to sit in front of the computer and contribute to the world with another Empties, Top 10 or New In post.

You might say, pretty ambitious wish for someone who writes one post per week. But what if it's caused by the topic? I don't care about empties, I simply throw them out, and in the end of the month I barely remember what I bought in the beginning.

I've decided to test it anyway. I've always been a bit of a music nerd, loving interesting music stuff of various genres, which radio stations don't play -- so I decided to create a playlist of my beloved songs each month! 

I'm pretty curious how will that work and if you will like my fav music. Let me know in the comment section down below!

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