[VIDEO] MBPFW SS17 and What's New

Last winter, I was quite unhappy about the oragnisation and press facilities at Prague Fashion Week when compared to the similar event in Copanhagen. This summer Copenhagen proved me wrong :D I'm taking it back now, Prague is not worse! :D

What I appreciated this season at Prague Fashion Week more was something I won't experience in Copenhagen for a long time: friends. It's so sweet and refreshing to meet old friends between fashion shows, whom I share passion for fashion and local designers with. This is something that cannot really be compensated by the most comfy sofas or an endless coffee supply at CPHFW press lounge (which was kind of missing this time).

Anyway, as you might have seen on my fb, MBPFW SS17 was a totally different experience for me. For the first time, I didn't primarily shoot pics, but I made a video from the backstage! I have a feeling my work has had no big progress for some time, so I wanted to move on to something a bit different and making videos has tempted me for quite some time. So this is my second video attempt! Let's see where it will lead in the future. I'm definitely not a vlogging/classy YT formats person, I rather play with cuts, music and wanna learn some effects, so yeah..

Let's see what the future will bring!